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SportsFix could be a live streaming platform for sports. exploitation Blockchain technology SportsFix is making an attempt to revolutionize the sports live streaming trade. Users are able to move with different users throughout the platform and their token.
Why you must invest in SportsFix ICO
• Already raised plenty of money: SportsFix ICO has already raised one million greenbacks and their softcap is just $2M.

• Huge market opportunity: we tend to all love sports, football, tennis, virtually everybody you recognize watches some style of sport. This vast trade clearly features a ton of potential for profit. SportsFix can be the new massive factor.

• The Team: a good project wants a good team to succeed and SportsFix has the easiest. Carl Kirchhoff with intensive information within the field is that the chief executive officer and founding father of SportsFix. His expertise is simply too nice to be listed here therefore i am going to offer you a link to his linkedln: Their whole team is knowledgeable about and massive enough to drag it off. you'll notice all of them at their official website:

• Introducing the ''Digital Stadium'': SportsFix has created how for fans to move with one another and be able to pay just for their most popular content. they'll even be able to vote and pledge for his or her favorite content. in fact all of this can be done through the Blockchain and good Contracts.
• SportsFix provides solutions networking bowl localised digital can facilitate fans is directly connected with the sport.
• Supporters will open the content of the game and their favorite product options.
• Many of the cool options which will be designated by fans whereas looking at the sport.
• Fans can solely pay money for what they watch.
• Favorite sports clubs may do interaction and establish and reward for his or her loyal fans WHO area unit active on the bowl digitally.

The Advantages Of The Platform's Digital bowl
• You will opt for the sport you would like to look at and might get a token SFT.
• Buy tickets on the day of the match.
• Can register as a commutation ticket holder digital (DSP).
• Can create a one-day match through our partner or club sponsor.
• There may watch the match with HD quality.
• Watch the sport along and share your comments with the general public.
• You will earn loyalty points and create prediction games furthermore as making content that is cool.
• You will be directly involved your favorite clubs.
• Can be known and awarded with the register as DSP
• Can access content exclusive to the area lockers, coaching and additional.
• Watch the sport free with the digital bowl sponsors.
• Can get a token SF from sponsors to alter the admission on the day of the match
• You will get discounts on your favorite brand's stuff
• Develop stale your fans to open special options at each level.
SFT Token info :

• Token Symbol: SFT
• Tokens Issued: 800,000,000
• Token value (USD): zero.10
• Pre-sale duration: 4-8 weeks
• Total quantity SFTs sold: 440,000,000
• Pre-sale discounts: 30-50%
• Soft cap ($): a pair of,000,000
• Hard cap: ($) thirty seven,200,000
For additional information:

• Website:
• Whitepaper:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:
• Telegram:
• Medium:
• ANN Thread:
• Bounty Thread:
My bitcointalk:;u=95863

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