BRAVO was built for a new generation of user that demands simplicity, privacy and anonymity. We strongly believe BVO will enhance the ability to pay securely, instantly and globally with significantly low fees. A previous version of BRAVO fiat currency is available today on Google Play and Apple AppStore

BRAVO is creating a blockchain-powered mobile payments platform that addresses the technological challenges with the current micropayments market while increasing its usability and adoption for both consumers and businesses.

With the BRAVO app, there is no need for long public or private keys or third-party custodians of keys or funds. Users have a simple but secure password recovery protocol to ensure full control and access to their tokens and funds

The BRAVO blockchain is the culmination of years of research, user feedback, design and engineering. Blockchain technology will allow BRAVO to scale at a faster rate and accommodate a much larger user base
BRAVO is one of very few ICOs in the world that actually has

An existing business
A solution developed
In contrast, less than 9% of the ICOs come from established businesses and almost half do not have a product developed before their ICO campaign began

BRAVO is growing rapidly

BRAVO has a community of tens of thousands of active users in multiple verticals:

Tipping industry
Peer-to-peer payments
Debt settlement
Micro-merchants payments
Key Feature

Anonymous fiat or crypto payments seamlessly in seconds powered by a scalable hybrid blockchain.

Find users nearby with geolocation or search directly by username or private code.

Hybrid blockchain allows alternating from traditional blockchain to anonymous blockchain on-demand with Incognito payments protocol for additional security.

BVO token solution capable of any type of payment including tipping, micro-payments and macro-payments.

Funds and payments are recorded (deposited) on user’s BRAVO account immediately (low latency) after transaction. Transactions recorded on the BRAVO blockchain cannot be altered or tampered.

Simple account authentication and recovery protocol to ensure full control and access to tokens and funds 100% of the time

Funds can be attached to a private message via our in-app messenger.

BRAVO’s Competitive Advantage

Unique Proposition

• First in market: First ICO with a fiat currency payments beta product already in the market with a community of tens of thousands active users.

• First hybrid blockchain mobile payments application with global reach.


• Established FinTech Company since 2014 with financial product in the market and significant traction.

• Successful beta for anonymous payments to pay or be paid amongst “strangers” without sharing personal information.

• Tens of thousands of active daily users (in test market).

• Millions of dollars in transactions processed (in test market).

Technology, User Experience and Security

• Seamless sign up, short PIN to login, no need for private/public key to pay or get paid.

• Simple and secure password recovery (prevents loss of access and funds).

• Hybrid blockchain platform facilitates anonymous, fast and inexpensive payment.

• Incognito protocol for enhanced anonymity.

• High user security with encryption and tokenization.

• Plug and Play interface to integrate with other apps.

• BRAVO is currently PCI DSS compliant (for fiat payments in US) by Security Standards Council;30

Hybrid Blockchain

BRAVO is creating an innovative hybrid blockchain technology that consists of a public and private blockchain. The public blockchain is based on the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) consensus algorithm while BRAVO's private, Incognito blockchain is based on an anonymizing Proof-of-Stake algorithm.


The BRAVO ecosystem consists of an interaction between BVO and fiat on the same application while transacting through our native blockchain. BVO can be used to tip or pay anyone with cryptocurrency. In due course, BRAVO will offer a full suite of tools for different industries and will also allow for altcoins with fees paid in BVO (and incentivize this by making fees for other alts slightly higher)

BRAVO token (BVO)

BVOs provide the ability to tip or pay and be paid with cryptocurrency in a simple and anonymous way. BRAVO tokens are designated and registered with the token market abbreviation: ‘BVO’. BVOs are divisible digital tokens with up to 8 decimal places. Token supply: The total number of BVOs to be issued is 1 billion
In conclusion At BRAVO, we are working to solve this paradigm with a proven, human-centric solution. Our user-friendly interface is built on top of a robust blockchain infrastructure, allowing users to access this technology easily and more efficiently. We are building our blockchain platform from the ground up to better support our use case and allow for a scalable, trusted and decentralized global platform with transactions occurring in milliseconds. Most of all, we are creating secure, anonymous, and incognito payments to meet growing privacy concerns.

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