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Humancoin: Efficiency platform

Humancoin: Efficiency platform

The fact is that first not every charity organization can ensure full transparency of its activities, so that donors can ensure that their facilities meet good needs, despite the honesty of these organizations.

Secondly, cases of fraud on the part of companies that, under the auspices of a charitable organization, are involved in deceiving people and making money for those who want to do something that is very useful to society, often taking all the money for themselves, or at least part of their excess.

One third of the remaining population, who are still not doing charity, just lack confidence. On the one hand, they will be happy to help the poor, starve and sick, but on the other hand-lack of transparency and special cases of fraud prevent them from charitable organizations and foundations that fully believe. People doubt that the money invested by them will reach the final recipient in full and on time, so they decide not to.
Another problem is the lack of convenient opportunities to make cross-border transfers within the framework of charity. Because of this many people cannot transfer their funds to accounts of charities, foundations or overseas projects. This, of course, mostly concerns those who have done charity, but there has never been an effective solution in this field.

Perhaps a good solution to this problem is to create an authoritative international organization that will not deal directly with philanthropy, but will evaluate charitable organizations, their activities, honesty in fundraising and their end use. But, as you know, such organizations still don't exist.

To improve the situation and give users around the world the opportunity to trust charitable organizations by donating a portion of their funds to the needs of people and organizations who need help. Created a new blockbuster project called Humancoin.

Humancoin (or Humancoin Foundation) is a block-project project that will launch a decentralized platform based on blockbuster technology, smart contracts and crypto currency (Humancoin tokens). Within the ecosystem, the creators of the platform will unite not only participants in the charitable industry, but also players in the e-commerce industry.

The Humancoin platform will eliminate the mistrust of donors to charitable organizations, funds and projects, ensure transparency of payments and use of the funds received, expand the volumes of three markets simultaneously: charity, e-commerce and crypto-currency.
Thus, donors will be able not only to make payments faster, but also to control the use of donated funds, while benefiting from the additional benefits of the partners of the platform. The recipients of funds, in turn, will have the opportunity to earn the trust of the donors, receive quick transfers in a currency convenient for them, spending the minimum amount of funds received to organize their work.

One of the possibilities of the platform is the investment of funds not only in specific projects and funds, but also in the HumanPool pool, which will automatically distribute funds between projects and funds with the largest ratings from the Humancoin community. This decision, at least, concerns corporate structures that are not in a position to transfer funds to a specific project.

Community ratings are an important part of the Humancoin ecosystem. Information about assessments and user feedback on projects and funds will be safely stored in the blockroom. It is on these assessments that donors can rely, choosing the recipient of funds.

"Mining" of Humancoin tokens

Crowdsdale of Humancoin tokens is not their only issue, but the only difference between them is the purpose of release. The release of Humancoin after the crowdsdale will be carried out exclusively by limited tranches and will depend entirely on the actual amount of the charitable contributions. The goal of releasing tokens is to reward the donors, so charitable project participants will have additional incentives to engage in charity.

The thing is that each donor receives exactly 50% of his donations in tokens at the current exchange rate. Generally speaking, the user purchases tokens at a price of 2 per 1, but at the same time, in full, makes a donation for charitable purposes. As a result, the donor can choose to either sell tokens on the exchange, or use them to receive discounts within the framework of the partner loyalty program.

In practice, it will look like this. Let's say a user is going to donate $ 1000, and the market value of Humancoin tokens is $ 1. As a result, 1000 tokens are transferred to the purse of the recipient of the donation, and the user is returned 500 tokens as compensation, which he can use in any way convenient for him.

Transactions using blocking technology have many advantages. First of all, the use of crypto currency for making transfers ensures their speed and eliminates any boundaries. Users do not need to use local currencies and convert them. In fact, the donor sends tokens to the recipient, but both send and receive the Fiat conversion automatically.

In addition, as is known, crypto-currency is based on block-up technology, one of the features of which is the ability to monitor the status of transactions and ensure transparency of transfers. Thanks to this, donors can view not only the state of their transaction, but also how exactly the project / fund to which they donated their funds, uses them. Due to the low cost of transactions, funds and projects receive the maximum amount of money - the commission of the Humancoin platform is only 5%, while most charities and funds charge at least 4-5 times more, because some of these funds are needed to organize them work.

Affiliate loyalty program

It is the partnership program that will become the unique feature of Humancoin, which is the embodiment of the unification of the charity market, e-commerce and crypto-currencies. The bottom line is that Humancoin tokens can be used not only for sale on the exchange, but also for obtaining discounts from an entire network of platform partners.

These partners will be exclusively members of the e-commerce market, which includes large online stores, service players, the computer games and entertainment industry, as well as travel and airlines, crypto-exchanges and other international corporations that conduct business online. Thus, e-commerce players can directly or indirectly take part in charitable activities.

The fact is that the platform allows you to integrate your API into the interfaces of the companies of the e-commerce industry through such popular marketplace management systems as, for example, Shopify or Magento, so they can easily accept Humancoin tokens to provide discounts and other benefits to tokenholders.

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