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About NHCT:

The rise of clinical specializations and technological development have expedited the problems of records fragmentation inside the healthcare surroundings. Fragmentation, that’s bred by the point of interest and research on a unmarried sickness, in place of a scientific evaluation of an individual as whole, has triggered “big healthcare troubles of unsustainable cost increases, negative fine, and inequalities.” improving overall fitness, can simplest be finished by a method “that considers the conduct of multiple interacting factors, which enhance the overall health of people within communities.
It use blockchain to build a worldwide, decentralized fitness and wellbeing atmosphere known as “NHCT”. The NHCT atmosphere utilizes Nano health, our award-prevailing utility with a confirmed record of improving fitness.

The NHCT token was one among the sponsors of the event, being an ICO pitch participant. It is simply a blockchain powered bionetwork concerned in provision of whole health. It emphasizes in individualizing healthcare for of us and guaranteeing that healthcare techniques aren’t only operational, but in addition well-organized.

The ecosystem operates via means of connecting payers, customers as nicely as companies on a single stand, via means of utilizing a three-tier token information protocol to function the fiscal gadget among the participants.
The NanoHealth team participated in the International Blockchain Congress, which took place earlier this month. During the event, the team launched a healthcare ecosystem on the blockhouse, called the NHCT token. The project is considered to be really modern and promising, it was created to solve a large number of problems in the healthcare sector. The Congress was jointly organized by the team of Nucleus Vision, which included the Ministry of Information Technology and Industry of Goa and Telengana, as well as a strategic planning team from the office of the Prime Minister. It consisted of several block-funds, experts, as well as enthusiasts of the crypto-currency industry. The creators of the decentralized platform NanoHealthCare believe that health is the determining factor in a person’s life, that’s why today people should have access to all the necessary information concerning diets, treatment and progressive methods of fighting certain diseases.
The new NanoHealthCare ecosystem-blocking ecosystem The NanoHealthCare platform represents a huge ecosystem in which all the data from the healthcare segment will be collected. Project participants will be able to exchange valuable information using an internal platform token. He stresses the need for individualization of health care for people and ensuring that health systems are not only workable, but also well-organized.
The biggest problem today with our Health and Wellness ecosystem is that, all the above stakeholders are fragmented,i.e., they are not connected and do not interact or talk with each other. Thus the doctor does not know, what are we eating, our wellness guide is not aware of the medicine that we are taking, and the pharmacist has no clue if we are getting our regular checkups done or not.

The second problem that the Health and Wellness ecosystem faces today, is of data storage. Each of the players in the ecosystem have different ways of storing data and some even don’t store it.

Lastly, large part of being healthy is preventive care.

NanoHealth, has solved this urgent problem since the beginning of 2014 and currently NanoHealth created the NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) ecosystem and its goal of the NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) ecosystem is to provide benefits for someone to stay healthy and fit.
NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) addresses the existing healthcare data challenges and its impact using a blockchain based application that:

Maintains the medical record of an individual as a single source of truth.
Builds an ecosystem of healthcare with providers, insurers, researchers and patients for exchange of medical data in a consistent and secure manner.
Employs a proven artificial intelligence engine that utilises medical data to recommend personalised activities to improve health.
Offers token-based incentives to encourage participation in the health focused community.
Motivates the developer community to build integrated applications within the ecosystem.
Currently, NanoHealth created the best and incredible NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) ecosystem that it's goal of the NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) ecosystem is to provide benefits for someone to stay healthy and fit. Keeps up the medical record of an individual right. Builds an ecosystem of healthcare services with insurers, providers, researchers, scientists, and patients for the exchange of medical data in a steady and secure way.

Utilizes a demonstrated computerized reasoning motor that uses the medicinal information to prescribe customized exercises to enhance wellbeing. Offers token-based impetuses to supp ort investment in the wellbeing centered network. Motivates the developer community to fabricate coordinated applications inside the ecosystem.

Personalize Healthcare for an Individual, Incentive's users to be fit and healthy, Focusing on their Total Health Giving AI based recommendations for preventive care, Making health systems more effective and efficient, Leveraging Health Coaches to drive continuous care, Enabling safe and secure health data storage, Creating verified data for personalized plans and research.

Token name: NanoHealthCare Token
Token Types: ERC20
symbol: NHCT
Fundraising goal: $ 1,000,000 (soft cap) / $ 9,000,000 (hard hats)
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 NHCT
base price: 1NHCT = 0.032 dollars
tokens available for sale 35% of the total token
Web Site:


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