Bountyhunters is an automated advertising platform and management of generosity programs.

Bountyhunters is an automated advertising platform and management of generosity programs. It is built on the model “action = reward”, and it is based on blockchain technology. The platform is aimed at helping beginners, ICO projects and achievements to increase the level of ownership of their own brand in
market and increase the number of meaningful mentions in social networks and specialized marketing, PR channels and blogs.
The platform is based on a block technology chain and is supported by a utility token.
Main advantages of the project

  • Optimized marketing campaigns. This is an opportunity
    campaigns are more transparent in terms of ROI, CPA. Moreover, this reduces the financial and time costs associated with the launch and future product
  • Increased reach of the target audience — He has the ability in the shortest possible time, to attract a new audience and to introduce the brand but the purposeful community.
  • Increase ROI and conversion rates within the sales sequence.
  • Time and resources are saved due to full automation of processes and automatic tracking of activities and payments.
    The allocation of allocated funds can also ensure the work of employees, guaranteeing payment by the host, the platform solves the problem of industry: the dependence of the inflationary on individuals who accept
    final payment decisions. In this case, the thread does not interact directly with the startup manager, but with the platform that invests, thus
    guarantee of security and final payment.
    Currently, high commissions in the advertising industry are a real problem. In the case of using several advertising systems at startup, the total commission in most cases exceeds the corresponding conversion parameters
    necessary to attract new customers and ensure the professionalism of the company
    and save the margin parameters of the product). The platform accepts only 10% of the total cost of the campaign or each completed and verified activity.
    The exchange module will be developed to facilitate interaction with the platform of both mercenaries and company representatives.
    The decentralized structure integrated into this platform also shortens the time
    Performed on manual verification. To increase the motivation for using the system on the part of the infoder, the platform offers an additional tool for monetization — the ability to participate in the exchange of other user activities.
    The value of the token at the time of focus will be 1 HNTR = 0.5 $.
    The full value of the token as a market asset can not be determined because many factors affect these indicators, including supply and demand for the token, trading volumes, news and media factors (news
    about the development of our project), the correlation coefficients associated with the development of the crypto industry as a whole and the performance of other popular currencies.
    To ensure platform development and increase the interest of platform counterparties, additional ownership motivators introduced the possession of several tokens from the BontyHunters player to obtain the status of delegate and take part in the management of the Council platform and vote for the strategies and tactics of further development of the system.
    In general, it was not possible for me to say exactly the advantages of such a site in comparison with other similar ones without the use of technical terms, this requires a simple conclusion:
    such projects are now quite a lot, and the number of them is growing! And on the background of this I can note that the direction of the quantity changes to quality, as in any other field of activity … And it can be noted that Bountyhunters is exactly the project that develops in the course of growing competition by an honest way, and I wish it to develop on my own and a successful path to the goals set! The project is really worthy of attention to hired participants, project owners, and investors! That’s all I wanted to say)
    Good luck on the way to the top!
    Details can be found on the site, forum, and social networks.
    In my opinion a very strong project, which will develop successfully.
    All for now!
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