What distinguishes BREM from other real estate projects.

What distinguishes BREM from other real estate projects.

One of the most popular questions to your project: "What sets you apart from other real estate projects?". It is this issue that prompted us to write a short explanation, which will be useful for anyone who keeps an eye on and analyzes ICO projects in real estate.

This year, indeed, a large number of projects using real estate blockchain technologies have appeared, that makes us very happy. The market of this area has long demanded changes, introduction of digital technologies and simplification of processes.

Before determining the differences between projects, it is necessary to divide them into groups in accordance with the tasks solved by these projects, and for example, there is a small audience for which there is a product (very generalized):

Group 1. Charts for property tokensisation. They are mainly focused on the segment of real estate investors. Such sites allow you to receive revenue from the acquisition of not the entire object, but parts of it. (Like joint ownership and trust management). The marker is most often attached to 1m2. This is far from all functions and possibilities, but common understanding of this information will improve. Most of the projects that have arisen in ICO, accomplish this task.

Group 2. Projects of real estate rental without agents (P2P). The site acts as an escrow agent for payments and services for placing objects.

Group 3. Projects - aggregators, offering solutions for convenient online selection of objects and transfer of property rights using Blokchain technologies. A database of objects is created which is used to serve customers. The target audience is all of us. It is both investors and customers who solve their housing problem and organisations which buy offices and other market participants. Token serves as "fuel" for transactions.

BREM area belongs to the third group of projects. An aggregator is created in accordance with international bases and digital equipment and services for customers. With help of the service you can select an object online, book and conclude a deal, the data is recorded in a blockchain system.

There are several projects of this kind in the world, there are no substitutes in Russian Federation yet.

The main differences of the BREM project from international competitors are the use of artificial intelligence technologies in the selection, analysis and interaction with users. These technologies allow us to reach a completely new level of understanding of customers, their needs and requests. Users get an opportunity to objectively evaluate and compare objects, receive detailed investment forecasts, quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of information using digital assistants and much more. For developers, the portal organizes a service to attract investment (currently no other project has functions of this nature).

Examples of some of our services:

  • Smart choice of real estate objects (for non-standard inquiries, for example "ecological zone", "near kindergarten and school", etc.);

  • Real estate: 3D tours, graphic modeling of the layout, video reviews of objects, comparison among themselves;

  • A neurobot consultant on any issues (legal, financial, construction, etc.);

  • Regarding real estate in round-the-clock access , developers' rating, real estate agencies , banks, insurance companies, online reservation services, buying and registering real estate, online lending (mortgage lending and lending to P2P in future);

  • An investment analyst based on artificial intelligence. The machine process of choosing the best time for buying real estate (evaluates more than 50 indicators). Forecasts on the benefits of buying a house / apartment, renting it and selling it after a certain number of years;

  • "Safe transaction" payment service. The portal acts as an intermediary in making payments under the contract, fixing funds in a enclosed wallet with prescribed terms of payment execution, if payment is in fiat currency. If payment is in crypto currency, then a smart contract is created;

  • The neuromodule for managing posts and advertising will allow you to find and eliminate fake ads, examine customer requests and will display the most suitable variants of objects first;

  • Social network for neighbors. It provides an opportunity to get socialize, communicate, solve housing and communal matters, choose management company, provide feedback to the Developer and solve other important organizational issues.

  • The module for developers to attract international investment for the construction of facilities.

Our product solves problems of almost all real estate market participants from initial stages:

  • the choice object for clients,

  • attracting investment for construction for developers,

  • access to the entire base of facilities and generating income for real estate agents,

All of this on one site. We are pleased to be part of the new digital world and strive to apply technology to adress real challenges of the market.



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