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The project, which we have today under consideration, is already quite promising and promising, because it has a working product

Let's take a closer look!

Brickblock is one of the projects that uses blockchain technology to directly improve the existing financial system, with respect to the investment and exchange fund.

The goal of the project, as you can see, is quite relevant, as real problems in the financial market are present, and they are caused by a rather outdated, working system.

Brickblock, will try to eliminate them, by means of reducing costs over time, giving small investors the same opportunities that are present in larger investors.

The Brickblock platform will allow the user to invest in such asset classes:

Real Estate Funds (REF)
Passive cash (CTF)
Exchange funds (ETF)
Active coin-operated funds (CMF)

The above processes will be streamlined, which will lead to lower rates than traditional methods of investing.

Let's take a closer look at all the aspects that Brickblock needs for investment.

Advantages of using Tokenization

Through tokenization, Brickblock will attempt to revolutionize the investment by providing quick calculations with a low commission and without geographic restrictions, minimum amounts or counterparty risk, instant liquidity without the need for intermediaries.

Exchange with Brickblock

Brickblock creates the world's first decentralized exchange of assets. The exchange will be built using the 0x protocol and will have a payment gateway FIAT.

The Brickblock Foundation

Brickblock offers an actively managed fund of cryptographic and real assets. The fund will specialize in asset trading.

Independent market

The market on Brickblock is absolutely independent and offers absolutely the best and safest investment opportunities.

Global Investments

Helps investors to buy and sell various assets directly from their own digital wallet in unlimited volumes.

BrickBlock Features

• BrickBlock will provide a solution to all investment needs, which will lead to an increase in the number of participants on the platform and, accordingly, the value of Token Block Token (BBT) will increase.
• BBT Token can be used by an investor to purchase various ETF funds, Crypto, a real estate fund for portfolio diversification through POA Tokens.
• BBT Token is an ERC 20 marker that can be easily
store in any purse Ethereum

Road map

Q1 2018 -The legal aspect filed with European regulators. Completion of distribution of BBK tokens (investors before ICO)

Q2 2018 - The world's first sale of the symbolized property - the final period of ICO, exit and trade on exchanges

Q3 2018 - Full infrastructure of intellectual contracts. Partnership with global real estate companies

Q4 2018- Partnership with investment funds.

Q1 2019 - Ecosystem Development for Coin Funds

Q2 2019 - the first exchange for tokens with assets

Q3 2019 - the exchange resolution FIAT (USD, GBP, Euro ...) on the exchange - to process $ 100 million + in tokened investments

Q4 2019: Currency resolution FIAT (USD, GBP, Euro ...) for PoA tokens - expansion to China, South Korea and the rest of Asia

Token Information

The final stage of ICO starts on May 9, 2018
Symbol of the token - BBK
Hard cover is 50 million US dollars
Available Tokens for sale - 75 500 000 VVK
Maximum delivery potential: 320,000,000
The price of Token VVK is / $ 0.60 USD
Platform for ERC20 implementation
The end of the ICO is scheduled for May 15, 2018 or until the maximum collection is achieved.

The Token distribution is as follows

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