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The birth of digital currency has brought lufe to many economic sectors. With the birth of bitcoin in 2009, many are beginning to see that exceptional blockchain technology may be a cost-effective feature of next-generation technology. Since the beginning of Blockchain technology has been trying to become mainstream but has been limited by one or two obstacles that include ease of use of wallet, communications privacy, trade performance and security. For cryptocurrency being mainstream and large adoption orders there is a need to improve ease of use, privacy, trade performance, communication. There are a lot of big players in the crypto space that have tried to improve the quality of some of these important keynote but because of lack of experience or sometimes the funds have made them unfavorable.

On this occasion will provide a special interesting information in the world of Crypto. This year's ICO project deals with the world of automotive services, before discussion, it's important that the content of this blog is solely for the mere information needs, and there is no compulsion to purchase tokens. The choice is yours. And hopefully this time information relating to the world of automotive services, of course, provide little insight and interest of friends to be involved with ICO Drivero project.

Drivero is a platform that aims to develop car sharing services, where people can travel safely and more easily. Drivero uses Blockchain technology that can be updated in its development, which will provide users with a reliable and intelligent car sharing service.

Drivero is made with contributions from various experienced and professional parties, who collaborate in creating reliable and better car-sharing services. Blockchain technology is chosen as Platform foundation, which as it is known that this technology is very secure and transparent for users, especially for car sharing services.

Drivero provides car-sharing services, where users can easily travel from one place to another, via smartphones. Drivero also provides business opportunities for car owners, who want to earn extra income. With an already designed system, Drivero will change the public perception of car-sharing services. Drivero will be the solution related to the problem of the current carharing service. Unlike current carharing services, Drivero provides payment-related solutions, Drivero accepts various types of payments such as credit / debit and cryptocurrency cards, which are currently being used by many people.

When a user uses Cryptocurrency, it will immediately get a 10% discount on the rate charged to them. Not only provide cars like city car, sports cars will be available on the Drivero Platform. Support services will be available for 24/7, to ensure that users get the best service.

Drivero focuses on providing and developing reliable and intelligent car sharing services. Support services will be available for 24/7, to ensure that users get the best service. Drivero focuses on providing and developing reliable and intelligent car sharing services. Support services will be available for 24/7, to ensure that users get the best service. Drivero focuses on providing and developing reliable and intelligent car sharing services.

How does it work ?

Easy rules apply for your own car, car must be no more than 3 years (exception for sports car), have 5 seats or more, should be fully repaired with valid technical and insurance inspection. Car must be registered on your behalf and you accept the Terms and Conditions provided by Drivero, and must be equipped with Drivero equipment. Whenever you can localize your car, see how much money you make for you. The company will save 15% profit for mediation, car security, the rest will be your profit. Renting will be easy to stop, with just one pushbutton if you decide to use your car and are not available to rent.

How It Works From Drivero as follows:

  1. STEP

Download and install APP on a device with an Internet connection.

  1. STEP

Register in our system.

  1. STEP

Upload your ID and LICENSE DRIVER for approval.

  1. STEP

Recharge your wallet with ETH / BTC or with CREDIT CARD.

  1. STEP

Select and message your car of choice.

  1. STEP


ICO Details

On 19 February 2018 Pre-ICO will commence and will last for a full month. 2400000 token (DVR) will be available, the price for one token is set to 0.0005 ETH. Soft-cap will be 500 ETH, otherwise investment will not be returned to the user. ICO will start April 10, 2018 and will last a month. Token 20100000 (DVR) will be available, the price for one token is set to 0.001 ETH. There are also ICO bonuses planned for previous investors:

PRA-ICO bonus:


2018/02/19 - 2018/02/23 40%

2018/02/24 - 2018/03/01 25%

2018/03/02 - 2018/03/08 15%

2018/03/09 - 2018/03/16 5%

2018/03/17 - 2018/03/21 0%

ICO Bonus:


2018/04/10 - 2018/04/15 30%

2018/04/16 - 2018/04/22 25%

2018/04/23 - 2018/04/30 15%

2018/05/01 - 2018/05/05 5%

2018/05/06 - 2018/05/10 0%


Like our pie chart, most of the funds will be allocated for lease or acquisition, as well as maintenance in the early period. The rest will be for the purchase of financial equipment, servers to access information in real time, including the use of car fuel, fuel and the speed of motion also ensure the safety of the vehicle as much as possible. Including the funds collected will be devoted to the development of iOS / Android applications, the performance will always satisfy customers without exception.

The total number of tokens there are 30,000,000 (DVRs) that are shared with a certain percentage. A total of 22,500,000 (DVR) will be provided during the PRA-ICO period and during ICO. A total of 3,750,500 will be allocated to our team. The rest will be for bounty campaigns and given to anyone who has helped develop the project / platform with whitepaper translation, video ad creation, customized social media bounty and more.


Every investor is part of the Drivero family. No matter what amount is invested through PRA-ICO or ICO. This is one of the gratitude we can give you.

The investors will be sorted by LEVEL. Each LEVEL will get its rewards for trust and investment, which will give birth to this platform.

1 LEVEL - medium / inner city vehicle.

2 LEVELS - business-class business.

3 LEVELS -% of every profit per month + business class vehicles.


0.1 ETH - 20 minutes free ride per year.

0.2 ETH - 30 minutes free ride per year.

0.5 ETH - 42 minutes free ride per year.

1 ETH - 100 minutes free ride per year.

2 ETH - 200 minutes free ride per year.

5 ETH - 600 minutes free ride per year.


6 ETH - 240 minutes free ride per year.

7 ETH - 260 minutes free ride per year.

8 ETH - 320 minutes free ride per year.

9 ETH - 340 minutes free ride per year.

10 ETH - 400 minutes free ride per year.

11 ETH - 450 minutes free ride per year.


15 ETH - 2% monthly profit + 100 minutes per year.

20 ETH - 3% monthly profit + 130 minutes per year.

30 ETH - 4% monthly profit + 180 minutes per year.

50 ETH - 7% monthly profit + 250 minutes per year.







1 ETH = 2000 DRV






22 500 000


1 ETH = 1100



Total token 30000000 (DVR), token 3750500 (DVR) will be allocated to DRIVERO team. All non-distributed tokens will be burned and not available for acquisition or control to anyone

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