BITCOIN ORIGIN- Making Crypocurrency more Meaningful

Project Overview

BITCOIN ORIGIN is a global and decentralized platform that manages additive points and loyalty programs. Analyze an outsized variety of various Loyalty programs with points, the developer has not found an honest application. This ends up indirect injury to the users, still as loyalty programs, the liabilities to the corporate. It integrates points into the ORIGIN BITCOIN (ORI) tokens and provides users with loyalty programs. At all-time low value with most security. Additionally to responsibleness and low dealings prices, Bitcoin origin, uses block technology to eliminate middle block, providing users and partners additional affordable results.

Before moving additional into Bitcoin Origin, let’s cite Hard-Fork is within the world of cryptomoeda, onerous Fork may be condition once a coin developer of a cryptocurrency agrees to use a brand new feature or switch to the currency programming system. The hard-fork aims to update the protection of the coin network and adapt to the growing variety of users. The one hard fork case that ever happened was in 2016, the DAO was pirated on the ethereum platform, then the team of ethereum developers created the onerous fork and made a brand new Altcoin referred to as ethereum (ETH) and also the recent coin referred to as classic ethereum (ETC). Another example in 2017, the onerous fork is created in Bitcoin's basic network leading to the division of the chain and becomes a brand new Altcoin referred to as Bitcoin cash (BCH).

The project has return to unravel the issues known below;

Increase in company liabilities: unused points square measure recorded as liabilities. As client points decrease used, company liabilities become additional vital and negatively impact their monetary estimates. Poor loyalty program performance: This can be thanks to low use of points; corporations cannot succeed loyalty program performance, obviously. Poor performance like golf shot social prices for patrons and business.

Tokens BITCOIN ORIGIN is intended as a token-compatible ERC20 on the Astraleum platform and use of block technology. The target cluster BITCOIN ORIGIN is associate degree airline, agency, market leader, and on-line store worldwide. With such edges, BITCOIN ORIGIN, supported refined, safe and effective block technology, can management billions of greenbacks in world markets.

The Beautiful options of Bitcoin Origin

• Multi bedded

Ever detected of facet Chain? facet Chain is largely a part of the infrastructure to modify scale concerns.

• Cross Chain

Bitcoin Origin has developed a link with the Ethereum token, facultative the Ethereum token to be born-again to original token during a multi-state machine.

ICO Details

The experienced founder team of Bitcoin Origin really believes in the project and thus has put their own capital as a bet. Bitcoin Origin has been fully funded at home so far and no ICO is planned for this project.

Daily allocation

Allocation every day for 2 years

Allocation per day 0.137%
Total Allocation 100%

Total Allocation

Supply of Documented Coins (45.71%): 16,000,000,000
Block Reward Supply (31.43%): 11,000,000,000
Supply Foundation (8.57%): 3,000,000,000
OPEX Supply (8.57%): 3,000,000,000
Supply Founder (5.71%): 2,000,000,000

The Team

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