Create your own mobile dApp with Buddy

We all use mobile apps every day. This can be an application to view the weather forecast, social networks, order pizza, buy movie tickets. It can be any games, taxi call, text messengers, e-books or online music. There are thousands of different applications for smartphones.
Many of us would not mind creating our own application. Enough ideas, but not enough skills. After all, to create your own application you need a long time to learn or hire developers for money.
This was the case before Buddy entered the market.
Buddy offers a simple and convenient way to create your own app. It is absolutely not necessary to have programming skills. Well, if you do not want to create yourself – on this platform there are more than 7000 users, customers, developers of mobile applications, including decentralized (dApps).
Buddy company has been developing rapidly since 2016, it has a working product, and now has launched its own ICO. The BUD token will be popular among current users, as well as among new buyers. You can invest in it today.

*All the details of the crowdsale are available on the official website of the company.
Whitepaper: / BuddyWhitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread:
Author's Bitcointalk:;u=1503212

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