Buddy is a winning development automation platform that serves a rapidly growing market valued to become $ 345 billion by 2022. Partnered by industry leaders such as Docker, Github, Microsoft Azure and Google.
We are lucky. As developers, we are privileged to have built a solution that has quickly become a central part of our fellow developers' workflow.
Trusted by teams all over the globe and partnered by world leaders, we have decided to take part in the revolution fuelled by Blockchain tech.
Our vision is to be the backbone on which talented people can build world-altering apps & services. Our goal is to take the load off millions of developers by offloading everything that can be automated - giving them back the time for being creative
Our Solution
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Pipeline Automation
Automated application development and deployment with over 70 ready-to-use steps
Β sandbox
Full preview & test environment that serves as an automatic instant app preview for every branch of code
The rich palette with custom integration provides comprehensive support for many piles
Destination of Token Sales
GRID Automation
The infrastructure is decentralized to run an unlimited number of tasks for application development
DevOps Market
App store for developers by developers with solutions that automate application development
Automation of bot development is made for smarter, better & faster Blockchain applications
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The Marketplace Economy
In the application development landscape, a successful marketplace built around an ecosystem is quite typical. All major players, such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services, use their marketplaces as a drive to help their communities grow and adopt new solutions.
In 2015, Atlassian Marketplace hit $ 120 million in sales. In the same year, Envato, the WordPress marketplace, reached $ US73 million in revenue.
Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Github Marketplace, Google Cloud Launcher, and Docker Store.
Buddy will help third-party developers make submissions to DevOps Marketplace, at the same time allowing them to publish plugins for free. It will require that the authors who want to participate in the marketplace allow free usage of their apps by non-commercial open-source projects, thus helping the whole Blockchain technology ecosystem grow.
Private Automation GRID
The Idea
The idea is to create a network (GRID) of Buddy instances that will use auto-discovery and auto-scalable infrastructure for development & deployment automation.
Depending on workflows and policies, users can choose if they want to use their own bare-metal infrastructure, a private cloud, or IaaS to run Buddy instances.
Software development or commonly referred to as software development is a series of processes undertaken to develop software. Software development requires prudence in designing and executing in order to fulfill the desired goal. To support it now has come a suitable platform to help the development of software and platform is BUDDY.
Buddy is the leading platform for development automation (DevOps). The automation market is growing rapidly, its turnover will reach $345 billion by 2022. The purpose of Buddy is to make life easier for other software developers by automating all the routine tasks. This will give programmers the opportunity to realize their creative potential and allow them to focus on ideas that can turn the world around.
Main advantage
Buddy developers plan to become leaders in the field of development automation for the following reasons:
Their product can significantly reduce the development time and successfully solves the tasks assigned to it;
In the presence of independent platform version for businesses called Enterprise Buddy, which is possible at any moment to start development;
Support for giant companies such as Google, GitHub, Docker, Microsoft and Amazon;
The presence of a proven "in the field" team of 16 developers who have been working and investing together for many years.
Many companies run thousands of tests every day. It is very difficult to plan the work of automation programs, because to speed up the development requires several tests at the same time. In addition, the programs are very expensive and require round-the-clock support.
Project structure
The platform consists of three parts:DevOps Marketplace
is a store that currently has more than eighty tools for automation, with which you can develop and deploy software. By splitting tools into pipeline, applications can be designed, tested and deployed with a few clicks. To expand the store, it is planned to attract third-party developers who will be able to place their tools in the store. They will be able to do this for free in exchange for free use of their developments in non-commercial open source projects. The developers believe that this will help accelerate the popularization of the blockchain. The curators of the platform will closely monitor the quality of the developments offered in the store, filter out violators and intruders.
Private Automation GRID
is a private network where you can deploy multiple copies of Buddy to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Users will be able to choose where to do it-on their machines, in the cloud or from the IaaS provider. With the permission system, you can configure the platform to increase and decrease copies of Buddy, as well as their on and off on a schedule.
Shared Automation GRID
P2P network, which will allow you to upload a copy of the Buddy user with a sufficient amount of resources in exchange for tokens. The network can be used when open data operations are required, and when computers on the private network are not powerful enough. In particular, it will be possible to get the results of stress tests and performance monitoring in a few minutes. Buddy will check all nodes in the network for compliance with the minimum system requirements. After sending the results of the work to the customer, the occupied space on the computer will be released. It is possible to combine work in both networks – development to conduct in a private network, and tests – in joint. This will significantly speed up the process.
For blockchain developers, Buddy is preparing a service called "Blockchain as a service". It can be used to create any blockchain supported by the platform, enable nodes using Shared Automation GRID, and even fill the blockchain with blocks for testing.
The dAppOS module will be available for developers of decentralized applications. Using ready-to-use scripts, developers will be able to "brick by brick" to build automated paylines.
Details of the ICO, the distribution of tokens and money
As part of the sale, it is planned to sell no more than 470 million tokens of standard erc20 BUD at the price of 1 BUD for 0.0002 ETH. This is 60% of the total issue of tokens. Sale will cease to achieve the hardcap 60 000 ETH.
The ICO will be divided into several two-week stages. Depending on the time of purchase, buyers will receive a certain bonus token:
1-14 August-the first stage, which will sell 62.5 million BUD with a bonus of 25%;
15-29 August-the second stage, will sell 60 million BUD, the bonus will be 20%;
August 30-September 13-the third stage, it is planned to sell 57.5 million tokens, bonus 15%;
14-29 September-will pass the fourth phase, will sell 55 million BUD c bonus 10%;
September 30-October 14-the fifth stage, 52.5 million BUD with a bonus of 5%;
October 15-October 29-the final stage, where 50 million tokens will be sold without a bonus.
Tokens will be distributed as follows: 60% will be sold, 20% will be taken by the team, 15% will be given to the reserve, 4% will go to the bounty campaign, advisers and lawyers, 1% - on Airdrop.
Token Alocation
Distribution of proceeds: 50% will be spent on development and research, 35% will be given to marketing, 5% - on security, 10% - will spend on partnerships.
All Things Private
DevOps is critical to business and, at its core, it can not fully rely on distributed resources such as home-based computers (fog computing).
High latency times, reliability issues and security concerns are a no-go for Enterprises. Instead, Buddy's decentralization happens on top of a trusted infrastructure, with the user in full control of what is trusted.
Once new Buddy instances appear in the network, they are automatically select on their roles. The first two create a master-master replication to create a High Availability system. Every next instance will be used as an agent to run more pipelines in parallel.
If allowed, Buddy can create new and remove redundant instances onthe-fly, depending on the load. It can use integration with IaaS providers for this, such as AWS or Google Cloud, or use other trusted Buddy GRIDs provided by Buddy or certified partners.
For example: To meet the load demand during the day, Buddy can utilize a user's AWS account to replicate itself outside the private network, and kill those instances once the workday is over-automatically on-the-fly and within set constraints.
Shared Automation GRID
The Idea
The idea of the Shared Automation GRID is to offload high-intensive automation tasks to a network of Buddy instances. Especially in case the trusted infrastructure is not required.
Compute Unit, the Base of the Shared Automation GRID A Compute Unit is the smallest entity that can be assigned as a node of the Shared Automation GRID in exchange for a BUD token by the instance owner. The specification of the unit is: 2 vCPUs, 2GB of RAM and 4GB of SSD storage.
Discovery of Buddy Instances
Buddy uses its own P2P network whose peers are moderated by Buddy's DAO. New peers report their address to the organization, which is later used to fetch lists of peers by other nodes.
In addition, nodes can report to Buddy that a peer is broken or dishonest.
This may be due to technical issues (e.g. no connection) or due to abuse.
BlockchainOps + dAppOS + Distributed BaaS
Thanks to the open architecture of the platform, the BlockchainOps, and dAppsOS modules, and the distributed BaaS service, Buddy significantly reduces the barriers that prevent developers from starting to learn and use Blockchain technologies in application development

Website : https://token.buddy.works/

Whitepaper : https://files.buddy.works/ico/BuddyWhitepaper.pdf


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