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The cyber security is very serious problem for most the companies worldwide. With growth of technical progress hackers and swindlers invent more and more advanced and improvised penetration methods for cyber security walls. But traditional methods and models of testing for penetration are insufficiently strong and have no that infrastructure which will provide high protection for assets of the company.

Besides this process also is quite expensive and difficult. In traditional methods of the company more than two testers can use experience. So scope of application is limited. Besides in spite of the fact that problems are found the companies especially small have no necessary team of the software or resources to change it. Thus in process and money and time are lost without any actual result. But the Buglab company can help to solve these problems.

Buglab — available and reliable system with Blockchain created for testing for penetration into assets of the company.

Principle of work of Buglab

Buglab is a startup on the basis of Blockchain technology for testing of cyber security. This is a child of the veteran of engineering of cyber security of Reda Cherqaoui. Buglab is founded on the Ethereum platform and connects the companies and the organizations to world experts and researchers in the field of cyber security. The ecosystem is founded on two various functioning platforms: Buglab Contest and Vigilante Protocol which have been developed for detection of numerous threats and vulnerabilities worldwide and their decisions.

In Buglab Contest protocol experts compete with each other in the competitions ordered by clients. Clients give the criteria on the Buglab platform and experts compete against each other during the fixed period of time and do the representations. The presented materials have time mark in Blockchain that provides full transparency and reliability. At the end of a competition testers are awarded respectively with digital currency of Buglab. Clients receive the exhaustive report.

In Vigilante Protocol experts share the discoveries of vulnerability. Buglab then forms network and contacts all partners of CERT and CSIRT and notifies them on the conclusions. Then they earn reward for the contribution.

Buglab will work together with all companies in IT spheres financial institutions and the retail markets and to offer the services for a solution. The companies can contact global network of testers on penetration of cyber security which earn reward for the services. The digital currency of Buglab is BGL she the ERC20 standard. All transactions in Buglab are carried out through these BGL. Buglab will help the small medium-sized and large companies with protection of the assets and funds.

Features of Buglab:

Traditional methods of penetration of cyber security are based on an hourly basis that can be quite expensive. Buglab are much more economic solution of safety.

Even the smallest enterprises which have no resources and the budget can use services of Buglab for the solution of problems of cyber security now.

The certified list of work of testers is ranged on the basis of their skills and opening.

Now clients can choose testers on the basis of skills, points or the country.

Only modern and unique works are accepted. All representations of testers pass through the vigorous system of sorting to avoid repetition and duplication before he can reach the dashboard of the client.

The companies receive reports after the end of competitions in safety. They can compare reports and understand security status of the assets.

If Pentester is dissatisfied with the account of productivity, he can ask Buglab and challenge their decision. Buglab in exchange will answer his questions and will give the corresponding assessment of result.

Pentesters are ranged according to their experience by productivity and results on the dashboard which is visible to community. Clients can just choose participants according to their requirements and the choice. Clients can also communicate directly with them and solve their problems. Buglab personally considers that all problems are solved and necessary actions are realized.


 Website: https://buglab.io
White Paper: https://buglab.io/assets/docs/Buglab_WhitePaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/buglab
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/joinbuglab
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/buglab.co 

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Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1058023

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