In true Fact, Blockchain technology has caused a massive disruption to global economies due to its effective and efficient solution to the various problems of the world rannging form mode of transaction, security, privacy, transparency and also most importantly the centralized nature of the current traditional system. Despite the achievement and solutions blockchain technology has brought so far, you have to agree with me that mainstream adoption is still far fetched because it currently has its own flaws and deficiencies. AERGO has come to come with a solution to current state of blockchain technology and its DApps creation techniques in which its not flexible to use in businesses daily activities. In order to achieve this AERGO aims to solve this problem with its own native technology. AERGO have developed a new fourth generation blockchain protocol that has advanced and easy to use developer tools and a marvelous and effective DApp development framework. AERGO aims to include an SQL based smart contract platform as well as advanced features, such a distributed version and concurrency control. This technology by AERGO will give businesses, enterprises, corporations and governmental institutions and opportunity to easily create and develop their own app on the blockchain within the cloud-structure. Another major problem AERGO will to solve for the modern day blockchain technology marketplace is current the issue of lack of security, the existing blockchain platform have be been experiencing a lot of security challenges and have caused so many losses to users funds and the usage but with implementation of AERGO technology developer and business owners don't have to worry about the security because AERGO platform is built using a high level of security standard. This technology will manage and secure every transactions done on its blockchain. This solution by AERGO will eradicate the problem of security theft and privacy for the blockchain industry allow the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to be achieved though it’s solutions.
In order to facilitate mainstream adoption of blockchain technology by allowing businesses and enterprises to create their own blockchain infrastructure it’s ecosystem. The AERGO ecosystem consist of three main features or what I may refer to as products or subsystems. This includes the AERGO Chain, AERGO hub and the AERGO Marketplace.
•AERGO CHAIN: Of all subsystem in AERGO ecosystem the AERGO Chain is the most important because it’s serve the purpose of the AERGO project itself by allowing business owners to create and run their business on blockchain. It is designed to manage unlimited business, It provides about 1million transactions per millisecond. This is a great development as far a blockchain is concerned because non of previous blockchain can achieve this feat.
• AERGO HUB: You can call this the Hosting Subsystem of AERGO chain. The AERGO hub will allows enterprise to host their business based app on a public interface or on a private interface. It also enables various DApps to be hosted in the AERGO chain.
• AERGO MARKETPLACE: Security is one of the competitive advantage of the ARGO project via the AERGO marketplace this will be achieved because all created blockchain are store securely on the AERGO marketplace.

Just like most ecosystem or platform on blockchain the AERGO platform is no different. The AERGO platform is a tokenized ecosystem powered by its own native token the AERGO utility token. AERGO token will be used on the AERGO platform the token is used to pay for transactions fees in creating of new enterprise on the AERGO blockchain. AERGO token is designed for dPOS consensus algorithm. The token is also used on the marketplace to purchase some other needed items by businesses and other users of AERGO blockchain. The total maximum supply of AERGO utility token is 500,000,000 tokens.
Token sale: 30% of the total supply
Incentives and strategic partners: 30% of the total supply
Reserve: 25%
Advisors: 10 %
Employees and affiliates: 5%

Ecosystem Incubation: 30%
Research and Development: 40%
Marketing: 15%
Business Development: 10%
Miscellaneous: 5%

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