Blockscart BLOC ICO

What Blockscart Online Shopping Marketplace?
The Blockscart platform with its unique utilization of blockchain technology can take on giants such as Amazon as it lets users buy products with different kinds of cryptocurrency

Blockscart BLOC ICO Details
The Blockscart

However, individual checks show that ICO Bench tentatively rates

ICO Marks rates it at 6.5 of 10.

With its ICO still coming up, these ratings are encouraging.

The Blockscart ICO aims at a $300,000 minimum presale ICO towards marketing and designing of the platform. It also offers a 50% discount for its investors to ensure that they can get good returns.

Blockscart is believed to have the potential to be the future of online shopping. Paying for products using the Bloc Coin will grant users discounts and increased savings.

Blockscart BLOC ICO Important Details
Token Name: Bloc Coin
Token Symbol: BLOC
Token Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Price: 1 BLOC = 0.000095 ETH
Fiat Currency Price: 1 BLOC Coin = $0.10
Total Coin Supply: 39,000,000 Million BLOC Coins
Soft cap: 1000000 USD
Hard cap: 2000000 USD
Available for sale: 21,000,000 BLOC
Originating country: United Kingdom

1,450,000 is dedicated to the bonus, bounty and affiliate program during the main ICO with 7,000,000 to 6,000,000 stored for 2 years towards management of the platform and developers. Another 9,550,000 was allocated to supplying for circulation. Funds generated from the pre-ICO sale are to be invested as capital for the creation of the various Blockscart platforms including the online store and app. The capital will be used specifically towards product development, marketing and advertising, administration and daily operations, business accuracy and analytics.

BLOCKSCART have launched the Android Mobile App which contrains a Decentralised Exchange, Mobile Wallet for Multiple coins and Much more.

Platform will be launched within the App very soon.
Get downloading today!

Blockscart Conclusion
The Blockscart sales includes a bounty campaign with 400,000 tokens allocated for its first phase during the presale. The first phase started before the presale kicked off and continues throughout the presale period. The bounty will end when all the allocated tokens have been distributed or once the presale ends if it lasts that long.

More information on the Blockscart ICO is available on its website and in the whitepaper. You can also get important updates, stay updated about developments and follow discussions through its social media and other platforms.
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