JIBBIT as the Ecosystem Network connecting the Cannabis Community In the world using crypto

Currently, medical doctors and researchers are using alternative medicine. Why? Because the number of incurable diseases is increasing in number. People tend to find other ways to cure their diseases by using plants and plants. Cannabis has become one of the most useful medicinal plants in the world.

This plant can be used as a relief for headaches, fever, and aches. Not only that, this plant can also be used in people who are experiencing seizures.

And the market for cryptocurrency provides many new opportunities for individual industry development and helps expand their functional applications significantly. The medical industry also finds new perspectives with the use of this market.

The development of this direction in cryptology will enable the collection of information for disease analysis and diagnosis from around the world and will open more opportunities for patient care.

Cannabis is used in the medical field for the treatment of several conditions, used as adjunctive therapy for patients with cancer, AIDS, and as an analgesic. The use of marijuana for treatment not only increases the demand for this product but also contributes to the increase of fraud in this field.

Using Blockchain Technology, users have the opportunity to use secure databases that eliminate fraud. Thus, modern technology will create an independent cannabis market by combining the cannabis and crypto industries in the JIBBIT Project.

Platform with Blockchain Technology lets you quickly find consumers, manufacturers, and suppliers. All executed transactions will be encrypted and stored. To change or enter information that is not authentic to the system, it is not possible. For manufacturers and suppliers, fast delivery of goods to its customers plays an important role, the JIBBIT Project creates the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

Blockchain technology provides a transparent execution of all payments, keeping the anonymity of user data, which makes use of the platform as safe as possible for each participant. The ability to buy goods quickly, reduce the time to make transactions and reduce costs, greatly facilitate cooperation.

The company created a full project that will ensure the work of three key areas is trading platform, medical portal, and delivery service. Thanks to the implementation of this project the users will be given the opportunity to receive anonymous consultations from specialists, authentic recipes, and drug delivery. The JIBBIT project will prevent fraud and allow patients to order medications from home.

The Blockchain provides technological tools to create a Jibbit ecosystem created by us. In this network consumers, producers and suppliers find each other. Every single transaction is stored in encrypted form in the Blockchain and is accessible to everyone as needed. A change or falsification of the stored data in the Blockchain is almost impossible.

Manufacturers and producers need a way to quickly and reliably bring their goods and services to the consumer. The Jibbit token is used as means of payment in the Jibbit network. A strong token for a growing community. Jibbit relies on a team of professionals from the cannabis, crypto-Blockchain, marketing and investment industries. The team experience in the field of marketing as well as years of experience in the stock markets worldwide make the Jibbit team an absolute industry expert.

Blockchain meets cannabis

Market Place for cannabis accessories: The accessories shop for patients, consumers and growers. Faster, cheaper and secure payments.

Payment Options: Jibbit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, USD, EUR.

Discount & special offers for Jibbit payers!

Cannabis delivery service: Order your cannabis from home like a pizza! Huge selection and controlled origin of authorized dealers.

Payment options: Jibbit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, USD, EUR.

Discount & special offers for Jibbit payers!

The patient, physicians and pharmacists network: More anonymity – more security. Blockchain-based solutions for the medical sector or example, to making recipes tamper proof.

Payment Options : Jibbit.

The JIBBIT project intends to provide reliability to its users and create systems where they can trust. Storage of all information and data anonymity plays an important role for each participant, the encrypted data in the system will be stored in its original form and will be accessible for verification.

The JIBBIT project seeks to expand opportunities for each participant who is interested in the project and provides the most favorable and convenient conditions. Manufacturers and sellers will be able to quickly, independently, download products and services to the platform and make it available to users around the world.

Buyers, in turn, will be able to purchase the required goods while maintaining anonymity, while users will be confident of product quality and transaction reliability.

The use of Blockchain Technology will enable making secure payments worldwide, the medical industry's exit into this market will be a new development stage and will open up many opportunities and prospects for participants.

Token Sales Details

  • Token Name : JIB.
  • Smartcontract : Ethereum ERC-20.
  • The total number of tokens : 700,000,000 JIB.
  • The JIB token fee is $0.05.
  • Soft Cap : $1,000,000.
  • Hard Cap : $18,000,000.
  • Starting from personal sale : July 1, 2018.
  • Personal sales improvement : July 30, 2018.
  • Initial public sale : August 1, 2018.
  • Improved public sale : August 31, 2018.

Toke Distribution

Fund of Allocation

The Roadmap

  • Q2-2017
    1. Market analysis of Cannabis market
    2. E Commerce – Mobile Payment – Crypto market
  • Q3-2017
    1. Conception of Jibbit
    2. First financing round €100,000 building Team
  • Q4-2017
    1. Planning of the token sale
    2. Development of Jibbit Ecosystem starts
  • Q2-2018
    1. Private token sale
    2. Jibbit®Doc prototyp creation
    3. Jibbit®Runner development starts
    4. Jibbit®Marketplace development starts
  • Q3-2018
    1. Pre Token Sale
    2. Main Token Sale
    3. Jibbit®Doc Testphase
  • Q4-2018
    1. Exchange Listing
    2. Jibbit®Doc local start in Berlin
  • Q1-2019
    • Jibbit®Marketplace goes online
  • Q2-2019
    1. Final testphase Jibbit ecosystem
    2. Jibbit®Runner goes online
  • Q3-2019
    1. Partner launch
    2. Jibbit®Marketplace & Jibbit®Runner


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Author by Dico88
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