My expedition to find the views of Indians on Marijuana. My cannabis promotional activity.

Good evening dear friends I wish you all my dear friends a very happy and prosperous weekend. Friends as I am in my village so curiously I want to know about the marijuana and while searching something interesting information about the cannabis I found the cannabis and one single and one multi-stemmed instrument for vaporising and smoking flavored cannabis which is called Hookah here in India where a little water basin attached as you can see it in the given below pic and the smoke of cannabis passes through this water basin often made of glass and friends the cannabis is known as the Ganja by the villagers of India.
(Some information about the Hookah I found from Wikipedia.)











Friends here I am sharing some photos I clicked during my conversation with the villagers and cannabis users, to make this expedition interesting I make a questionnaire for these enthusiasts and users of cannabis or marijuana or Ganja and a complete discussion and experience of these villagers I will share with you on my next post as of now I want to enjoy some photographs and automatic smell of fantastic marijuana freshly and naturally collected by these cannabis lovers who are very excited to share their experiences with me and I am completely amazed after the meeting of these cannabis guys out of them some are very old and consuming cannabis since 1950 it means from their childhood and what experience they shared will open your eyes as you can see my eyes are open now.

So my dear friends enjoy the experience and expedition of marijuana and it's stories in India with oodeyaa.

Thank you dear friends for your love and support.


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