Basically, Carboneum is an openly distributed protocol owned by every single user. Carboneum is creating a decentralized social trading platform, named CoinRadars. Where traditional social trading platform helps solve complexity problem, it still lacks transparency, remains vulnerable to single point of failure risk and at the very core misaligns the interests of the parties involved. The platform will be completely immune to such problems. It is built to sustain and scale with a sound revenue model where ultimate alignment of interests is structured, creating a perfectly democratized trading platform for digital assets.


Trade like a pro: This enables any users to take a role of follower, giving the green light to them to duplicate the transactions of a leading trader.
Sleep like you never before: Stop-loss orders are designed to limit an investor’s loss on a position in a cryptocurrency. Safety Belt” Feature will enable you to setup automatic safety for all your trades.
Watch the true Whale: Whale Watcher feature gives you insight into the actions of the large investment management of leader portfolio that manage millions of dollars worth of assets - the true "whales" of the investment world.
CoinRadars is a decentralized social trading platform embarking on a new way of digital asset and cryptocurrency trading. CoinRadars will be allied with all key digital asset and cryptocurrency exchanges, making it a go-to platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies enthusiasts, to ensure seamless and borderless experience for digital assets and cryptocurrency investment for everyone.

Below are the Key value propositions of CoinRadars;

Knowledge Sharing
Incentivized Business Model
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology enables the community to replace business activities of individually centralized corporation at a global scale with networks of open, transparent and decentralized computing system that work across borders. For that reason, they aim to create a trading and investment platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies which authorizes the greatest degree of knowledge sharing, promotes the purest form of transparency whereby all trading activities and actions are recorded and become totally traceable, verifiable and auditable via utilization of blockchain technology.

How it works
You must comprehend the fact that using Carboneum is straightforward. Making a revenue using C8 is extremely straightforward and less complicated. You can make a profit with every positive trade. When you make a yielding trade, you are bound to get a return on investment. The success returns can be grabbed with every trade you make. Individuals are given a special token known as the Carboneum Token alias C8. This token can be used on digital assets. Of course, the token is not limited to social trading features. In the next few years, the uses of C8 is bound to increase. It will have utilities that can be used with many premium services. This means you will have deals and discounts on a variety of fees.

Token Details
Token Name: C8
Token for Sale: 120,000,000
Hard Cap: USD 12,000,000
Soft Cap: USD 1,200,000
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 8,000 C8

Token Distribution
Pre-Sale & ICO - 60%
Company - 20%
Team & Partner - 12%
Advisor - 5%
Rewarding Token (user acquisition) - 3%

Token Allocation
Platform and Protocol Development - 50%
Marketing and Business Development - 25%
Operating Expenses - 10%
Research & Consultancy Fee - 10%
Legal & Compliance Fee - 5%

Pre-Sale is closed
CrowdSale Starts: 11th June, 2018

Road Map
22 Feb 2018
Announce in StockRadars Day 2018.

8 Mar 2018
Pre-Sale ICO 10:08 (GMT +7)
8% Bonus applied for pre-sale period

31 May 2018
All tokens will be distributed
For pre-sale

11 Jun 2018
Crowd Sale ICO @ 10:08 (GMT +7)

30 Jun 2018
ICO Closes

Oct 2018
First launch: CoinRadars, crypto information and analytics platform

Q1 2019
Pre-launch social trading platform

Q2 2019
Full-launch social trading platform for cryptocurrency and digital asset.

Q3 2019
Pre-launch social trading platform for security
Depending on SEC regulation

Meet the Team


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