Cardstack — the experience layer of the decentralized internet

Today I have a heavy tack to describe with simple words difficult but cool project called «CARDSTACK». I’ve been following it for a few months and probably it’s going to change the way of work with different apps in the internet and will take a lead in new wave blockchain companies!

I know, that for now many people researching blockchain arrangements doesn’t have enough time to understand the core of the project or get lost in the pile of terms. They’re invest money mostly by pure intuition. So, my goal here is to explain the core idea and the company basic principles which can help you make a decision and form an opinion about this project.

The main idea is hidden in the project name — “CardStack”. It is basically a set of layers of decentralized Internet connected with each other. It is open framework (frame, shell, simplifying development and connection for different program components), which make blockchain available for the market and to the ordinary people.

«CardStack» — decentralized software ecosystem, which in my opinion will be able to press giant companies like well-known Apple and probably won’t stop there. «CardStack» main goal is to create a fundamentally new system for any already existing and coming software.

I won’t talk about Android systems, because I think they’re extremely inconvenient. Even my beloved Appstore, which used to evoke great enthusiasm, now showed its problems and can’t keep up to consumer’s needs. A lot of programs on my phone work independently with no integration and its very uncomfortable. You need to monitor all programs, paying the bills, watch tons of ads (because I don’t want to pay for every shareware program), many of them require registration with various types of confirmation. And it is just personal programs. Work programs require your plastic card details, logins, passwords all of this needs to be maintained, deleted, changed. And if you have your own company, the financial and time cost increasing tenfold, and in the case of force majeure situations even more!

You think it’s all? think again — new type of applications appeared. They called decentralized apps and they’re making already difficult situation even worse!

Cardsack will help to solve this, at first sight, hopeless and confusing situation with help of the unique platform (of a new way). Based on Cardstack token, this platform will unite all basic layers of personal, cloud and of course dapp (blockchain-based apps) and will guarantee breaking and hacking protection.

Systems like this will put user (me and you) in the center of the whole ecosystem, which allow flexibly and conveniently control it and at the same time save money and time! That’s why, in my opinion, Cardstack is the system that will accelerate and simplify the distribution of blockage among users around the world.

As a user, I will be able to choose between sets of apps which fits my goals and ideas, while all my data will be confidential and securely protected and the payment currency will be inside token — CARD.

My friends from the development department will also be delighted, as they will be able to use a special application that will allow to create applications and build further convenient work with them, both financial and technical.

The development of the idea was started by Cardstack team in the 2014 (now “Cardstack Foundation” fond in Zug, Switzerland).

I tried to find some analogs for Cardstack, while wrote this article, but there is none! Perhaps you know something like that? If you do write in the comment section. But I assure you that for more than a year while I’m tracking the market I have not yet come across to find such solutions (especially with open source on github), which means that the company will be very much in demand by investors and users!

In addition to the basics I have told, there are many interesting nuances and details, as the system can easily scale and absorb all new ideas and solve new problems. If you are interested in the project all technical documentation can be found on the links at the end of the article. The company have interesting mining system, tokens realization and using, marketing and further advancement in the market!

Pros: very technological idea, lack of competition, long development, strong team, open source code, participation in conferences and openness to discussion. Competently and thoroughly written white paper!

+ The company is promoted by the «Amazix» company (they have very big percentage of success). All these factors indicate this project has high ratings and I will definitely hold it in my portfolio for a long time!

Website | White paper | Facebook | Telegram | BTT Thread | BTT Bounty |


P.S The author is not an expert in the field of blockchain technology and smart contracts and does not call for investing in any companies and projects. In making any financial decisions readers should always must rely on their own experience and understand all possible risks!

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