[Cartoon] @debay, review of the cartoon The Boss Baby (2017)

The Boss Baby, Aired on April 2017

As always, Hollywood always has a way and keeps getting better at bringing parents or everyone's to invite their kids to watch animated movies. One of them is The Boss Baby, an animated film that production by Dream Work Animation, is adapted from picture books by Marla Frazee. All parts of the film are designed to be wink to me, parents or those born in the 80s.

As the storyline of the movie enters the 20th minute, I start thinking and wondering about the setting of The Boss Baby movie. In the setting of the film, the Boss Baby does not have a mobile phone (Smartphone), or something touched on the internet and social media as it is today. I began to focus on the technology, toys and vehicles that exist in the film. And wow, I really feel a memory that always makes me happy, my childhood. Yes, this movie is set as it was in the 1990s. I'm totally nostalgic, the whole movie is designed for me and the 90s as an entertainment in which there are jokes that make me feel like back in the 90s.

I have that toy phone! Imagine how fun it was

This film is really full of childhood memories of children in the 90's.

Apart from that, what about the movie? Is the movie Good?

The animation is perfect. In fact at some points in the movie, the director, Tom McGrath, switches from the typical computer animated animation to a more old school hand drawn style. Both are incredibly visually appealing.

I had seen it once before and I watched it again, this time I watched it with my nine-year-old cousin. I accidentally saw her watching The Boss Baby, so I went along to watch beside her.

Simply put, the baby boss movie is like any other animated film, the creator could just make it for money. How not, an animated film with the main character of a cartoon baby who speaks with the voice of Alec Baldwin (the voice actor ), the creator can make him do jokes and humor without thinking of the quality of the film and whether the children and the audience likes it or not. But Michael McCullers (writer) and Marla Frazee ( author) really took the time to write and create an intelligent and entertaining movie. It seems they really know what to do to pamper the imagination of the audience.

Alec Baldwin as a voice actor Boss Baby is able to well portray the character of a bossy baby. He is also able to do with a good timing and hilarious intonation. Tim Templeton is voiced by Miles Bakshi who happens to be the grandson of the animated legend Ralph Bakshi (who not only animates many classic cartoons but also directs the Lord of the Rings and Fritz the Cat cartoons). He can keep up with the characters who sound really down to earth.

Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel did an incredible job as the voice of Tim Templeton's parents. Steve Buscemi did his job perfectly as an animated voice actress. Perhaps my favorite voice is Toby McGuire as an adult Tim Templeton voice actor who tells the movie. McGuire's voice creates a beautiful nostalgic atmosphere every time he speaks.

The movie is really Good in terms of story, though not clearly stated, The Boss Baby is a movie about the point of view of a 7-year-old boy, Tim Templeton. Who has a perfect life that is then harassed by a new baby. I do not know if all the children and those who watch understand this, but it all happens in the young Tim's imagination. He exaggerates his fear of newborns and will grab all the attention and affection his parents have had ... and that's fun!

I also once asked where the baby came from, I also once thought like Tim. The difference is, I really want a young brother and after I have it I think back why I wanted it, because after my young brother was present, my freedom as disturbed by it. Every time I want to play I have to take him and everytime he cries I'm the one who blames it though it's not me who makes him cry.

I did it with my little brother, we played and my sister got hurt because of it. Because of that my father gave me the punishment, you know what punishment? I have to do 50 math problems ... A troublesome lesson. Looks like my dad really knows how to punish me 😂

The Baby Boss is packed with very funny jokes and adorable action from baby and team boss. I never get bored of the story. the real aspect of The Boss Baby that I most like is to touch the fears and concerns of children about new siblings, hostile to younger brothers of them in an imaginative way. That is told through the imagination of a 7-year-old child. Nothing should be real. If you can not suspend your unbelief on that basis, then this movie is not for you. But if you can, you will have lots of fun and comfort.

My cousin's sister, she said in liking this movie. She likes the characters of Theodore (boss baby) and his men, yes they are cute and adorable. I do not know if she really understands (because my cousin's sister has not read fluently). However, during watching she always laughs during a funny scene, she also repeats some scenes that make her impressed even she asked me to read the text.

To me the movie is very interesting, I really love the part when Tim and Theodore start working together, unwittingly their relationship is very sweetly intertwined. Make me remember my childhood with my brother, even though he always irritates me, gets scolded and punished, I always love him.

In essence, The Boss Baby made me remember my childhood and also about the wonderful gift, the gift of God that was given to me...


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Respectfully, @debay.

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