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Play Fortuna casino.Free spins in Wicked Tales: Dark Red

If you have already made a deposit on Play Fortuna casino, you can get up to 15 free spins in the popular game Wicked Tales: Dark Red for a deposit of 20 USD, made in the period from October 10 to October 16.

Deposit Free Spins

20 USD 10

30 USD 15


The starting price per spin is:

The currency of your account: Euro: 0.25 EUR Dollar: 0.25 USD

Free spins are charged automatically within 5 minutes, after the deposit is made, one time during the validity period of the promotion. To withdraw funds obtained from the use of free spins you need to place the amount of bets which is 10 times higher than the amount of your initial deposit for which you have been given free spins. If you have played the demo mode enough and want to make the first deposit on Play Fortuna casino, we have prepared something special for you:

Free spins for the first deposit

0.080 GOLOS
В избранное
На Golos с 2018 M05

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