How Can You Shop, See News, Travel, Find Business Partners, Negotiate «In Another Way»? - By Renting Someone Else’s Human Body

Breakthrough technologies that are changing the people’s and business behavior appear once in fifty to one hundred years. These technologies appear when they go from quantity into quality giving the birth to new projects. Today we will talk about such breakthrough project, named Avatara, with Sergey Isakov, the CVO of the project.

What Is Avatara? A Quotation From The Avatara Website:

Avatara is a new profession. Avatara is a person working for you for $5-50 per hour. Avatara has a phone with a camera or video glasses with a camera and the Internet and Skype connection. Avatara connects with you via Skype and broadcasts video and audio in mono or stereo format. In addition to Skype, you can use other video broadcasting technology with video recording features. You can connect an interpreter to the communication channel by finding him/her on the Avatara’s site (if your Avatara does not know your language). In addition to glasses, Avatara person can use a tablet PC or phone for your interaction with a collocutor via Skype.

CCN.TOKYO: Why Avatara Is Similar To Uber?

– Hello, Sergey. In your project overview, you say that AVATARA is similar to UBER in its working principles. Tell us more about that.

– Good day, Mico. Services like Uber or Airbnb do just two simple things people needed: they provide jobs for thousands of people and reduce service prices worldwide – this is the success secret of these companies. We do the same. Avatara makes a global platform where Customers and Service providers can find each other. The only difference is that we have created a new service that didn’t exist in the world before.

Services like booking a taxi, renting an apartment exist for a long time, but there were no such services as renting a human’s body – this is totally new service.

CCN.TOKYO: How Do You Change The World?

– You state that you are changing the world. How exactly?

– Our project helps people to improve communication. Avatara is primarily a communication service. When communication improves, the speed of processes in the world increases. Changes in the world depend on the speed of processes. People can realize their dreams more quickly. New technologies, gadgets, new architecture, new products are being created faster. What communication technologies have greatly accelerated the processes of people? Mobile communications, Internet, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, … Now Avatara will continue this list of communication services.We are giving not just communication itself, but communication “on demand” to ensure that the Customer receives information and video content from any place in the world. In our Mission Statement, we say that we are connecting people from all over the world by improving communications. Avatara is a communication service. This is the first thing how we change the world – we improve communication.

In addition, we are the first who changes mass media. Individualization of services is a global trend in the business world now. For example, you can order a car with a custom interior design, order new jeans manufactured according to your own design and requirements.

AVATARA gives an opportunity to mass media to receive news ‘on demand’ without employed correspondents. Not only mass media, but everyone can receive live video streams, talk to people in their language using in service AVATARA-person and AVATARA-translator. People didn’t have this opportunity before.

Finally, we have invented a new model of the news agency – ordering any information from anywhere in the world in any sphere of human’s activities. We can say that Avatara is an information agency, and Avatara persons are the employees of the agency. Anyone in the world can send their request for information. There were no such news agencies in the world before.

CCN.TOKYO: Why Didn’t We Have AVATARA Or Similar Projects Before?

– Please tell us, why didn’t we have AVATARA or similar projects before?

– The main problem in such services is the quality of mobile communication. AVATARA person should walk on the streets, visit exhibitions and stores, broadcast video and sound through smartphones or video glasses. So, the quality of mobile communication is critical.We published the project overview in 2011 for the first time. Link for publication you can find on our website However, the first tests in 2011 have shown that mobile communication was not good enough and we had to postpone the project for an indefinite time. Nowadays, mobile communication is much better and constantly improving every day, so we resumed the work on AVATARA project.

CCN.TOKYO: What Trends In Mobile Technologies Will Support The Development Of AVATARA Project In The Nearest Future?

– Please tell me what technologies in mobile communications will support the development of the AVATARA project in the nearest future?

– Today, mobile communication is already good enough for Avatara services, but even better technologies will begin to work soon. We look forward to the development of 2 technologies. The first one: Elon Musk plans to launch its Internet satellites (SpaceX program) in 2019 and it will give the world free high-speed Internet. The second technology: the emergence of quantum phones instead of mobile phones. This technology will increase the speed and quality of video broadcasting by several times! South Korea has already prepared the first thousand of such phones for the release. It is not a fantasy anymore, but realities of our life. The quality of AVATARA services will also increase dramatically with these new technologies.

**CCN.TOKYO: What Is Your Vision For The Future? **

– Tell me, how do you see the future of your project?

– The development of the project will go towards improving the quality of data transmission. We want to achieve 100% connection of 2 consciousnesses – the consciousness of the Customer and the consciousness of the Performer. The connection of consciousnesses is our super goal. Just like in the fantastic movie “Avatar” created by James Cameron. In the near future, there will be a direct connection between two consciousnesses – “yours and Avatara’s” with the interception of information in the brain from the visual and auditory Avatara channels, and you will see and hear with 100% quality. Such experiments are already underway, and they are successful. Fantasy becomes a reality. We will invest resources in these developments.

CCN.TOKYO: What Is Your Plan For The First Steps Of The Project Development And Who Are Your Key Clients?

– Please tell us, how do you plan to start developing the project in the world?

– Each project has a “locomotive” – the main service and the main segment of customers that pulls the “cars” of other segments. For example, Google’s main service is search, and the remaining dozens of Google services follow it as “train cars”. Any new project should identify such a major service and customer segment and focus on it at the start of the project.

We think that our main segments are companies and people who are looking for interest content for their media or Youtube channels. Where can they get an interesting high-quality content? It is the most important question. Avatara is the main content provider for media and Youtube channels. All Performers (Avatara persons) are divided into professionals and non-professionals. Professionals have professional video equipment and high-quality video gadgets and well experienced in interviews. They can make video stories in any format upon request.

We did research and all media representatives said that they are interested in such service. There are about 1 million media channels and much more commercial Youtube channels in the world. It is a huge market for Avatara project. The second important segment is shopping. And the third – exhibitions and conferences. The information about segments can be found on our website.

CCN.TOKYO: Are You Sure That You Can Implement Such A Global Project?

– Tell me please, can you implement such ambitious and global project?

– One of the Chinese philosophers said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Project success depends on the team, Advisors, Resources, Legislation, the loyalty of people and Luck. Nikolay Ignatenko is our team leader. He has extensive experience and connections in media. Team members experienced in their fields. You can learn more about the team on our Youtube channel. Our advisers are heads of well-known media in Belarus. To inform people and collect enough money we started Avatara ICO. The legislation in Belarus supports ICO now. We are forming a community of loyal people now, who support our project. Avatara website was translated into 9 languages and we will continue to translate information into other languages. We hope that Luck will be with us too.

CCN.TOKYO: How Do You Use The Blockchain?

– Please tell us, how do you use the blockchain technology?

– We use blockchain to provide a secure transaction between the Customer and the Performer and create a VTR ERC 20 token. The blockchain gives us new opportunities that were not available before. We use these opportunities to create a high-quality service of Avatara.

CCN.TOKYO: How Do You Plan To Motivate People To Start Using The Service?

– Please tell us, how you plan to create a new habit for people to use your Avatara service.

– At the very beginning of the project launch, in order to create the first use cases of the service, we will give to 100 well-known Youtube channels a token package for 3 orders of Avatara people from anywhere in the world.In addition, we will run a lottery among our subscribers. The winners will receive packages of tokens to order an Avatara person for free. To participate in such promotions, you should select one of the nine languages on our website and subscribe to our news by entering an E-mail address on the ICO page (English page is, of course, for people, the main reason for using Avatara service is the opportunity to earn and save money, like in Uber or Airbnb.

CCN.TOKYO: How Did You Start ICO? Why Should The Buyers Be Interested In This Token?

– Tell us about your ICO. Why your token is called VTR and not Avatara, for example? Why should the buyers be interested in this token?

– We spent half a year researching this kind of investing, found the team and advisors, built a website and prepared materials. The name of the token should be short, so we decided to take all the consonant letters from the word Avatara (aVaTaRa).

We made a very low, attractive price for the VTR: 1 VTR = 0.00001 ETH (≈ $ 0.005) to leave a room for growth – up to 1$. We are interested in token growth – it is profitable for us. The growth of the token increases capitalization of the company, which is good news for the company, the market, and our partners. When the service is created and released to the market, it will be more convenient for all participants of the Avatara services to use a simple equal figure of cost of the token of $ 1.00. We plan to do this and keep the cost of the VTR token no higher than $ 1.00.

The token is a currency inside the Avatara platform for all countries. You can buy VTR tokens for any currency on the exchange, and then pay tokens to Avatara person. You cannot use Avatara services without VTR, so VTR should be in great demand. Just imagine that you want to order an Avatara person in India or Australia or Europe and see the price per hour. Performers set their prices per hour in VTR tokens. If one token will cost $ 1.00, you will easily understand the price for the service. If the token has a price with many zeros, it will be difficult to understand the price for an hour. Therefore, we will try to keep the value of the token close or equal to $ 1.00 for everyone’s convenience.

Today it is very profitable to buy VTR tokens on ICO for those people and companies who want to use Avatara services in the future since in the future it will cost 200 times (!) more. Today, at the start of the ICO, the buyer receives a bonus of 51%. This offer is limited. Today is the most profitable moment for buying Avatara tokens.

ICO model is very attractive, as all parties are satisfied – Avatara receives necessary resources for development from the community of future users, and users get a delightful opportunity to receive future services of Avatara 200 times cheaper if they buy VTR tokens today.

CCN.TOKYO: What Would You Like To Say To Our Readers At The End Of Our Interview?

– We are finishing our interview. What would you like to say to our readers?

– If you support the development of Avatara project, you can say that you participate in changing the world project and the origin of the crypto economics of the future. We invite you to join Avatara platform, which are giving new opportunities to everyone in the world. You can join us as a Buyer, an Expert, a Partner, a Customer, a Translator or an Avatara person. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in one of the most significant innovations in the world, after that the world will no longer be the same. Join us here

*** The interview was conducted by Miko Sato, especially for CCN.TOKYO


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