CDRX - ICO review. Security tokens in the form of company assets! Cryptocurrency deposit receipts


At that moment, when the stock market has reached the finish in its development and, in fact, uses only outdated payment instruments, cryptocurrency start-ups offer truly worthy comprehensive solutions to stagnant problems, thanks to their simplicity and convenience.

I realized the benefits of this platform due to the fact that once used Forex Libertex, and faced with a number of problems. One of the most significant was the huge fee for withdrawal of funds (1/4 of the amount). There were also long delays and other negative aspects. However, in the CDRX platform there is a reorganization of the old process in favor of the revolutionary blockchain technology, which opens up unlimited investment space for everyone who wants to own blocks of shares (bonds) for even the smallest amount.

The market size with the current capitalization of 600 trillion $ will be bigger with the use of advanced technologies and the necessary amenities that are offered here.

About the project

CDRX it is a decentralized platform integrating security-tokens tied to the real assets of companies.

According to information from the roadmap, the company was founded in Singapore on February 1, 2018.

The start-up offers an up-to-date solution for working with company assets. An experienced team of specialists in this area of trade has developed a comprehensive solution. They are rather even improve the turnover of finance, tying assets to tokens and making these same assets more accessible. All this is connected with the increase in their fractionality for purchase, for example, if an asset is worth more than you expect to invest in it.

Briefly about terminology: each security-token is a CDR (Cryptocurrency Depository Receipts). Thanks to the CDR, each token has the same rights as shares (bonds): this is the right to receive dividends, vote, etc.

At the moment, the CDR is in its embryo stage in terms of development and application, and the team understands this perfectly well.

How does it work

An excellent example of the principle of work is the official video clip:

With CDRX you can discover the limitless world of investment assets! It works just as well as regular cryptocurrency trading with all its advantages!


All transaction will take place with pairs of security-tokens linked to stocks and other cryptocurrencies on their own CDRX exchanger. There will also be added no security cryptocurrencies such as: ETH, BTC and XRP.

All this thanks to smart-contracts for blockchain Ethereum.


· Due to the fractionality of shares, barriers to their acquisition are reduced;

· Minimumal fee of withdrawal of funds fee (as opposed to the traditional 1/4);

· Increased transaction speed;

· The right to receive dividends in the CDR.

Leave your comment with describing of the benefits that were not listed and that you consider necessary for this platform.


While we are talking only about the concept, any conclusions cannot be done. The only thing I would like to note is the fact that, although there is competition, they have no product for a long time.

In my opinion, the product is very much in demand and many experts, whose activities I follow, predict the future of cryptocurrencies precisely in security-tokens.

Project ratings:

P.S. This material is posted for your reference. Not a financial advice. I do not encourage you to participate in any ICO. You need to understand and consider the high risks of investing in ICO. The content expresses the author's personal opinion. The author is not an expert in the field of block technology. Always conduct your own analysis before investing in any ICO.

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