How to liberate yourself and stop being shy for 3 days? Unusual exercise.

Hello everyone! In this article I will tell you how you can quickly stop being shy to meet on the streets, in cafes and other establishments. And all this will not be in the bare theory, but in practice, that is, you can even immediately after reading this article to begin to act! As I went through this experience myself, I can confidently say that it works. But only on condition that you do not seek excuses and start practicing immediately. And then you will have a quick result in just 3 days!

First, a little theory, because without it anywhere. So why do people shy trite to approach a stranger and tell him “Hey, let's go for a walk!”? Because they are afraid of failure, or to be more precise – consider yourself stupid or a failure in case of unsuccessful attempts.

An adult will also be embarrassed to do what he did as a child. For example, loudly laughing on the street or at the table (incidentally, for this modest man usually drinks). After all, he will be afraid that other people will think about him and he has a “normal model of behavior” in his head, that is, one that was instilled in him since childhood. Say, do not go there, so don't sit, eat culturally, dress warmly, to not familiar people do not come and so on…

Normally, anyone can do anything that is not illegal. That is, to approach people on the street and talk to them, to laugh heartily, to speak toasts in a large company, to dance on the street (who loves), and, finally, just lie on the ground and enjoy the sun. In other words, be yourself, present. And all this can be done without alcohol and other drugs.

You don't think you can do that? In principle, I do not offer. My exercise is much easier, and with the right mindset you can do it very quickly and to stop being shy people in a very short period of time. And don't be surprised what you will learn, although I understand your surprise, because your habit is unlikely to lay since childhood.

But let's not pull the cat's tail, and go straight to the point. If you are very shy of strangers, afraid of their opinions about you, behave constrained in people, then do the following: find in the city's largest shopping center, which is well washed floors.

Found? Wonderful. Now your task is to go there, find a fairly spacious place and lie down on the floor as if you fell apart on a large bed after a busy day. No, your eyes do not deceive you – you need to get on that floor and stay like this for 10 seconds. Moreover, you can not tell anyone that you are doing it on the dispute or lost in the card-it is important!

And now I will explain why you need to do such a seemingly ridiculous action. The thing is, 80% of people don't care what you do, even though you're standing on your head. Not believe? That's the same time and check it out. In other words, if you lay on the floor in the store 10 times a day, 8 of these times will remain as if unnoticed.

10% of people usually show a positive interest in you and think that you are a very unusual and interesting person. They are tired of the banal life, and they are very attracted to people like you – lying on the floor, like at home. It is unlikely you they will say about this, but I'd think – that's for sure.

And, of course, there will always be 10% of the population who consider such an act to be ugly and quite strange. It's too the right people, rather than all, honors with honors, for which your behavior seems out of the ordinary number ordinary. But also these people most likely will bypass you the party.

And now remember the most important thing: whatever you do: danced, danced, laughed, behaved like an excellent student, shy, but at least something – you can not always please everyone around. Surely there will be such persons who will consider you, to put it mildly, a little strange because each person since the childhood has the Outlook.

The same applies to lying on the floor in the store or some cafe. Most people will pass by, someone will look back, someone can even ask you a question (I have never had this) – but you should not worry about it. Because from the opinions of other people does not change your life for the worse. On the contrary – you realize that being yourself is nice, and very good!

You do not know how to read other people's thoughts and predict the future!

Surely you now think that you can not do it, because you will laugh. But how do you know that at the moment? That's right – no! You can only think about it and imagine it, but until you flatten on the floor in the trading room, you will never know the reaction of people around you. And she usually always is the same-people pass past.

What if a security guard comes up to you?

Tell him the truth. That is, if you are asked: what are you doing, you can sincerely answer that you want to learn how to stop being shy around people. And don't be afraid to say so; you don't break the law, and nothing else matters.

How many times do I have to do this exercise?

In day on 3 times, just 3 days. That is, if you lie on the floor in total 9 times, then after that you will hardly hesitate to do it further. Moreover, you will not recognize yourself, and you will be rolled strong euphoria and delight – that, first, you were able to do something new for yourself, and secondly: no longer shy people!

But if you will be a little of those nine times, you don't stop and fix the achievements. What matters is that you realize that:

  • Most often people on you on't care.
  • You can't know what will happen if ... .(any your action) and what other people think about you.
  • Doing something new for yourself is always moving forward.

And now what do you get from life as a gift, doing this simple exercise:

  • Become more confident in yourself

  • Can meet on the streets

  • You will respect yourself even more

  • To take from life all

  • Be yourself and present!

Isn't that something to strive for? Therefore, fewer ponder “what if...."and lot more action! Fortunately, cafes and shops are everywhere, and even more so people.

Of course, you can spit on all of this right now, and you can count on me to write some kind of galactic. It's your right, and I respect it. But think, why do you think such an action as lying on the floor in a cafe is so unacceptable? Just because society doesn't approve? What makes you think that? What did they tell you about it as a kid? But that's not the truth, is it?

Answering these questions, you will understand that there is nothing terrible here, and it will be much easier for you to do this exercise. And I wish you to be present and to always do what you want for you personally, not how I want the rest. So you will live many times more full and rich.

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