Calfin Global Crypto Exchange – CGCX!

Today we want to introduce you to a very interesting ICO project - Calfin Global Crypto Exchange - CGCX.

CGCX is a platform created for the exchange of crypto-currencies. It is a platform that facilitates special functions designed for a wide range of users, from everyday users to special institutions and traders in the field of cryptocurrency.

Functions of the CGCX platform will be able to withstand simultaneous transactions of more than 1 million per second. At the same time, the system will provide security and stability for its users.
Unlike most existing crypto currency exchange platforms that offer only crypto currency trading, CGCX uniquely positions itself in the world of blocking, providing four modules under a single platform, offering its customers a wide range of services.
As a unique security function, in accordance with the CGCX security values, all coins stored on the platform wallets will be insured against cyberattacks and break-ins.
CGCX offers the public a total of 1 billion CGCX tokens, which is 50% of the total output of 2 billion. The cost of the tokens is assumed to be: 1ETH = 8500CGCX.

The funds will also be used for the planned expansion of the crypto currency into other sectors of the world, as indicated in the roadmap.

CGCX provides all its users with a lot of wallets for secure storage of CGCX, BTC, ETH and other crypto currency tokens, all in one place. All digital assets stored in this wallet are insured against cyberattacks and hacking, and this is the first of its kind function in the CGCX platform.
Tokens will be released on the Ethereum block with the use of the Smart contract. The platform supports the total volume of coins in the amount of 2 billion.
CGCX is a decentralized crypto currency based on the standard ERC 20 token protocol. The CGCX token supports all Ethereum wallets and will be freely transferable on the Ethereum platform.
CGCX Alternate Cryptocurrency is a monthly process, led by a team of Cryptocurrency experts and an external audit firm CGCX. They will identify viable alternative currencies that will be traded on the exchange. Users can then use CGCX tokens to vote for their preferred alternative crypto variants that will be traded on the CGCX exchange platform.

The platform facilitates the creation and digitization of certain types of assets, such as trade agreements and banking instruments. This speeds up processing time with a low transaction cost.
CGCX allows you to automate settlements and transactions based on predefined conditions, which will lead to the self-expression of these intellectual contracts.

The team and the project have a lot of partners that can not but rejoice.
As a result, the CGCX platform is an innovative solution that as a result combines the technology of blocking, the virtual world with AI, the increased level of security for storing information and crypto-assets for the preservation and transfer of value.
In general, this project has a very strong and professional team, as well as very high and authoritative evaluations from various experts. The project is very ambitious. It presents new goals and ideas.
Strictly speaking, we will continue to review the project on the site of the CGCX platform itself - That's how it looks.
Also presented Road Map, which shows all the stages of the project's progress
On the site you can read the documentation for the project in detail. Actually there is a whitepaper - where it is very accessible and understandable everything is described.

Also on the site there are all contact information and addresses to different social platforms:
Join the CGCX project. Follow the news on the official information channels.
And we were happy to help you today.
With you was the CryptoWorld channel.
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