Change-the first global crypto bank


 "Change has partnered with the e-Residency project by the government of Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world. Change will be available to its projected 10 million e-Residents including Tim Draper and Edward Lucas."  

Change Bank is a first platform, which allowed make different possibilities, for example, operations with payments, bank card, investments possibilities in world market. 

Get to access of market users can with Change Bank mobile applications. Change Bank mobile application begin with client verification (KYC). Application allows the scan investments possibilitys, search investments and accept solutions about investment amount.

If you want to make investment, the firstly, you need send your money in special wallet. With application also can make payments and check wallet balance. The customer must indicate address of the recipient.

 Before you participate:

  • Read investment guide and follow instructions carefully
  •  Send your ETH from your MyEtherWallet, not an exchange
  • You agree to the terms set out in the whitepaper
  • Contact us if you have any inquiries

 Change bank also have payment card-Change card. This card allow make operations with cryptocurrency in all world.


Token sales begin on September 16 at 7 o’clock SGT. If you want to participate of ICO, you need to send ehter in predefined address. Due to security problems, this address will be shown immediately. In cases of sending ehter Change Bank recommend check public address. 

For more detailed information about platform Change Bank and about the terms of ICO participation, please follow the links:

Home page:
White paper:   


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