CINDX _ guarantee interaction and cooperation with the most successful traders in automatic mode!

CINDX is a solution that allows every user, without expert knowledge and skills, to easily and safely gain profits by investing in the crypto asset market.

Cindex offers an evaluation system using commercial history that ensures that you find the right manager for you. Here, all your encryption assets for management are stored permanently in your wallet. Decentralization and smart contracts allow you to manage portfolios without transferring funds to managers. Investors unite to align their business with the best players on the market.

How does CINDX:

Investors increase their crypto capital because of their effective asset management by a professional trader

Traders get paid for success by building investors' desire to understand markets and trading strategies.

Sellers sell sophisticated tools for traders, such as trading robots and news feeds.

CINDX generates Commissions for sales and subscribes to the terminal.

Advantage # 1 CINDX ICO ICO
this will solve the problem of many inexperienced crypto currency holders. For those who have not fully understood the specifics of the crypto business, and seek information and technical support from experienced traders, to transfer to them the management of their assets.
Through a platform rating system, where the world's best traders are evaluated on a particular system, providing the most complete picture and understanding of their respective professional skills. You can choose the most experienced, in your opinion, partners for business.

Advantage # 2 of CINDX ICO
For those who will never trust their financial management for others - the platform offers to decentralize managing their wallets and funds without having to transfer funds to traders and business assistants. All your crypto assets are stored securely in your personal wallet.

Advantage # 3 of CINDX ICO
For those who do not understand anything about blockages and trade, or have insufficient savings for global transactions, CINDX offers an effective variant of bilateral cooperation. As your skills develop in blockbusters, investors will join you, helping to develop your assets. Partners and sponsors can synchronize transactions with the most successful market clients, and you get, develop, and multiply your income with their help.

How does CINDX work?

Investors benefit from joining ICOs like that, because the management and distribution of their assets is entirely in the hands of experienced and client-oriented traders, which of course will ensure the reliability and security of all internal processes.

Professional experience and skills from project partners will help them to produce, create highly efficient work systems, attract investors to support and an in-depth understanding of specific detachment strategies.

They can multiply their financial resources by offering sophisticated tools for merchant work, such as robots, robots, trading robots, and special news feeds.

Token Symbol: CINX
ICO: 27.06.2018 - 27.09.2018
The Pre-Sell Token will start on June 27, 2018. An additional bonus of 25%.
Token Sale will begin on 08/08/2018
Token released: 58,000,000
Стоимость токена: $ 1.00
Soft Cap: $ 6,000,000
Bonuses for selling tokens will depend on the number of tokens sold.

Token Distribution

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Anita Muy
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ETH: 0xc8a9952dEc2a392fa15455F565849d2D2827BD67

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