Sooo...and why haven't you walked the Museggmauer as yet???

The funny thing always is when you live very close to something you don't really appreciate it as much as you would be an outsider


See here in Lucerne every day busloads of tourists (mostly Chinese and Indian) get out everyday to shoot their whole memory card full with pictures of the Kapelbrücke and of the Museggmauer. Same thing was happening when I was living in Sint Martin with tourists who would get off the cruise ships and make snaps all around the town of Philipsburg. For them it is special and super touristy and they feel te need to capture everything on camera.

But the fact is when you are living in these tourist attractions, all of a sudden it isn't so impressive anymore and you do not have the need to put everything on camera. Why is actually quite dumb. Because the beauty of stuff does not go away when you see every day, you simply just don't see it that good anymore.

Take the Museggmauer as an example

I literally live next to this thing, but for some reason I have not found the need to walk on it, because it feels like a steady part of your surroundings. Like the tree that is also in the street, which you also don't find 'that' special.

I know, I know. This is a spoiled brat speaking..Let me take care of that today. Let me walk the Museggmauer and give it the attention that it deserves

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