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Hello friends and guests, today i wanna introduce you with Distributed Credit Chain http://dcc.finance.

In the modern world, money loans play an important role. According to statistics, every second working citizen in Russia has at least one loan. Indeed, the process of issuing a loan now seems to be an ordinary matter. A little deeper into the history, one can understand that the financial industry has overcome a huge path. The first credit organizations were aristocratic loan banks in Moscow and St. Petersburg, opened by order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in 1754. However, the greatest development of lending was only after the abolition of serfdom (1864) and during the industrial revolution.

With the development of modern technologies, namely, blockchain and smart contracts, the financial sphere has made a qualitative breakthrough in various directions. Despite this, in this segment there are still significant drawbacks, unfortunately, not all companies are ready to correct it.

So, let's consider the main problems of the existing credit system:

  • Centralization excessive dependence on obtaining approval from financial institutions is the result of high commission and slow transactions;
  • High interest rate on loans;
  • Decrease in efficiency of work of employees of credit agencies, who need to verify the borrower's solvency;
  • Frequent refusals to issue a loan for no apparent reason;
  • The pursuit of profit some banks, wanting to get high profits and expand their client base, give loans to virtually everyone, without requiring any guarantees from borrowers.

    The developers of the project Distributed Credit Chain http://dcc.finance are confident that they will be able to transform the credit system by lowering the level of monopolization in the banking sector thanks to modern technologies. DCC platform is a distributed credit market that integrates all elements of the ecosystem into a single whole:
  • Borrowers are individuals with special credit demand who will be able to create an account based on the blockchain;
  • Data providers people involved in the integration and storage of the necessary data, as well as the destruction of incorrect information;
  • Suppliers of algorithms and computing services undertake the task of extracting characteristics from data, as well as their evaluation;
  • Credit history recall is a service that provides reports on all loans;
  • Organization for risk assessment.

    The Distributed Credit Chain project has several advantages over its competitors:
  • Destruction of the monopoly the platform intends to get rid of the monopoly, returning the earnings to active users and companies;
  • Introduction of a peer-to-peer model of the banking structure, which will create a decentralized ecosystem and increase efficiency;
  • Use of advanced technologies that provide security, transparency and high transaction speed;
  • State regulation.

    According to the information provided on the official website, the DCC project will issue a token with the same name, allowing for financial transactions within the platform. The price of one token is 0,04 USD or 0,000073 ETH. The minimum amount of fees will be 14.5 thousand ETH, and the maximum -36.5 thousand ETH. BNB and ETH are accepted for payment.

DCC project team members are progressive and young specialists who have already proved themselves in various fields. Despite this, all of them are united by a single goal to create a convenient, high-quality, and most importantly secure platform. More detailed information about the participants of the platform you can get on the official website.

To summarize, I can say that the developers of DCC are moving in the right direction, as the sphere of crediting has been and will be in demand at all times. The project is able to provide economically advantageous conditions for its customers, as well as create a decentralized ecosystem. That's why it definitely deserves due attention from users.

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