We ran out of Voting-Power & We do not believe that everyone who commented on our last post really is going to GolosFest!


An overwhelming response to our last post took us all by surprise, we may have to do it different next time to make it more fair.

Also: We had to respond to an accusation today over why we stopped voting on comments on our last post. We did not expect any drama, but of course @archange had to make a long boiling post to show off some feathers.

Asking @Coinbank to invest elsewhere because a few hundred Reputation 25 accounts did not receive an upvote (we do not believe they are legit going to GolosFest, we believe they are scamming us) is an insult.

So let us ask this simple question: How many tickets has been reserved for GolosFest? Because We want to sponsor people who actually are going to GolosFest, not a half bunch of scammers that are not going to GolosFest but want a free Upvote abusing the kindness of @CoinBank.

What people and companies do with their stake is completely and entirely up to them, in fact it is none of your business if we want to give upvotes or downvotes, mind your own business.

Every day @coinbank gives hundreds of upvotes, spreading the tokens wide so we can move faster forward to mass adoption. However, we cannot support 600+ people who just want to leach on a promise that was given to people attending GolosFest. We do not want to sponsor thieves and fraudulent people, so when you @archange make a case about it - is just wasting time and losing money.

If you want a war, don't come to us - we have more important things to do then to collude with you and your circle of "I upvote you if you upvote me".

Now, let's hope you are done with writing stupidity so we can put this behind us and move forward.

And to all the rest of you beautiful people, Keep making great original content and you will be rewarded for it.


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