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Everything that we know has been transferred to the Internet. You want to hire people for your company or ask for help in your studies, everything was available on the Internet. Many consulting and research groups focused on this aspect of the digital economy when the digital system was in its infancy, but no one could predict such an unexpected increase in the digitization of services. The digital economy absorbs every industry in its network, and we can not help but think about the impact of digitization on our economy.

Crypto currency has become the latest fashionable word in the city, giving the digital economy an incentive that has ever been considered possible. The current exchange of crypto-currencies somewhat could not contain the crypto-currency, which surprised the world. Many cases of loss of the crypto currency were reported, which meant the importance of security in today's system. Nothing can be more destructive for people who put their savings into life, not knowing what it is and where the money went? We need a reliable system based on blockchain technology to provide balance in a system where people can freely and safely trade.

CoinMetro, a one-of-a-kind, licensed, and regular financial platform that will drive the future of blockchain innovation. Through the wooded CoinMetro ecosystem is a gateway for both beginner and professional traders and investors to engage in crypto space with unseen access in the industry. The platform will consist several key features.
First one is a real FIAT to crypto currency exchange with a possibility to deposit fiat directly to your bank account. Lower fees and non-stop customer support are a huge plus compared to the other exchanges.
Second but not less important is investment part of the platform, where you will have all the needed tools available to increase the chances of making profit. However, if you don’t feel confident to invest by yourself, you will have the possibility to invest through an experienced fund manager. As a payment method on the platform, team is introducing ERC20 compatible XCM token, and will also be tradeable on the exchanges. Teaming up with BitGo! and FXPIG will give the platform a huge boost and could easily become the synonym for the crypto exchanges.


As the demand for the trading in cryptocurrency increases, many platforms are bound to emerge on the market but CoinMetro will remain the leading players in the crypto trading with its unique approach and superb team. I also think that we might be a few decades away before the stability and mass adoptability becomes the normal characteristics of the cryptocurrency.
CoinMetro is building a platform which will help us prepare for the new wave of trading and investment cycle that will revolutionize the market. We have to be prepared for it.

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