Let’s talk about immersion cooling systems for industrial mining

Today, there are two directions for the implementation of immersion cooling in mining and high-tech computing:

  1. Single-phase immersion cooling with the use of mineral oil
  2. Two-phase immersion cooling with the use of fluorine compounds.

Both directions are developed and used for cooling, in general, ices. The main disadvantages of mineral oil are its combustibility, the necessity of use hydraulic pumps for its swapping inside the tanks as well as the singlephase process. The concept of the single-phase process means that heat transfer carried out not due to evaporation and condensation and by mixing with pumps. In any case, energy consumption increases and cooling efficiency reduces. Such systems are not able to transfer a large amount of heat from the radiator with a small surface. Thus, it can be concluded that two-phase immersion cooling technologies can be considered as promising and it is used in «ComBox» systems.

Nowadays, there are two great projects at least which use two-phase immersion cooling. Any project implemented in the coming years with use of two-phase immersion cooling will be able to generate funding but all of them are repetitive. All great projects and a few small ones started in their development approximately at the same time. Therefore, they will have to share a saturated market at the same time too. In doing so, all projects are focused on the technology immersing the finished standard devices in the liquid and implement its harness. It is not enough to put two-phase immersion cooling systems into commercial operation for several reasons:

  • Systems originally designed for air-cooling are not suitable because they occupy much space and do not provide a high density of devices. A low density is impractical because it requires a large amount of expensive liquid to cool the system components. Thus, the simple application and immersion in the liquid «Novec 3M» of unprepared systems will be much more expensive during putting in operation. It stopped the mass introduction of two-phase immersion cooling before the appearance and implementation of our solution.
  • There is not enough immersion of boards in liquid. It is necessary to create an ecosystem and the complex solution with hardware and software components. In «ComBox» we have made an autonomous automated system for industrial mining and solving science intensive tasks.

The engineers of «ComBox Technology» has developed its own unique solution for two-phased immersion cooling including the own boards with graphics cards at the rate of 6 pieces each installed close to each other inside of the boiler with liquid 3M Novec. It allows you to cut down on the liquid. Thus, we have a unique complex modular system with a high density of graphics cards, the minimum cost of expendable as well as with minimal power consumption (in comparison with single-phased systems).

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