Constitution of the Community "Swift"

Constitution of the Community "Swift"
دستور الجماعة "سويفت"
Конституция Сообщества «Стриж»
Constitución de la comunidad "Vencejo"
Constitution de la communauté "Martinet"
Verfassung der Gemeinschaft "Segler"


Article I - Community Charter
We are the people of the Earth, of a mature and experienced age, united by a mutual cause in work and life, for the elimination of personal and global poverty.
Article II - Community

  1. The community is a global network of experienced mature people from the whole world focused to implement the ideas of the Community Charter.
  2. The community is a voluntary movement of people who are in a constant process of creating a joint, non-violent, supportive, ecological and autonomous socio-economic ecosystem to switch to alternative models for organizing people based on justice and the equal prosperity of each person.
  3. The purpose of the association in the Community:
    ● restoration of the demand for mature experienced people as individuals, through both self and mutual education, to retraining and adapt to changes in the global labor markets and thus promote an increase in internal self-esteem;
    ● reducing mortality through changing lifestyles, education, culture and establishing communication within the Community and outside, to bridge between different generations of people.
  4. The Constitution of the Community is a multi-user smart contract entered into voluntarily by each Community Member.
  5. Members of the Community (Member) are all, without exception, people, of both sexes, of all races and religions, of any health condition, but who have reached an age of maturity. The signing of the Ricardian Smart contract represents the acceptance of the Constitution and the laws governing its country of citizenship.
  6. The Constitution is considered adopted when a Member signs a transaction specified by the Ricardian Smart Contract, and the transaction will be simultaneously recorded on the blockchain.
  7. The forming of the association of Community Members represents a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in form a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAС).
  8. The main purpose of the existence of the Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAС) is to organize the maintenance of livelihoods and the development of a self-organizing ecosystem for creating public good for its Members.
    Article III - Failure to initiate violence
    Members shall not initiate violence or the threat of violence against another Member. Legal prosecution of the perpetrator in order to preserve life, freedom and property does not imply the initiation of violence.
    Article IV - Prohibition of the purchase of votes
    None of the Community Members should offer or accept anything valuable in exchange for their vote in any way, nor should any Member have any influence on the voting process of the other.
    Article V - Prohibition of Misrepresentation
    Members are liable for damages caused by offering false or misleading information and actions. This will result in the loss of any benefits obtained in this way.
    Article VI - Justice and Law
    Each member has the same equal rights and obligations as the next without exception.
    Article VII - Lack of fiduciary responsibility
    No Member shall bear fiduciary responsibility for the Community, nor should the Community be held fiduciary responsibility for its Members. This Community has no owners, managers or fiduciary (proxies).
    Article VIII - Restitution
    Each Member agrees that penalties for violation of the Constitution, and the conditions of the concluded smart contracts with the Community represented by the DAC and Members may include, but are not limited to, fines and other restitution.

Article IX - Age
The age of maturity as described is deemed as being fifty years old or more on the 1st January, 2019,
Article X - Language
Multilingual texts of documents and smart contracts should indicate one prevailing language in the event of a dispute, and the author of any translation must be held liable for damage caused by a false, misleading or ambiguous approved translation.
Article XI - Dispute Resolution
All disputes arising in connection with this Constitution must be settled in accordance with the Rules for settling disputes in the Arbitration System of the Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAK) established in accordance with paragraph 7 of Article II of this Constitution.
Article XII - Choice of law
The choice of law to resolve disputes should be dictated in order of priority by the Constitution or the Maxims of justice.
Article XIII - On the internal means of exchanging Pens

  1. The community for the open exchange between Members in C2C, B2C, B2B modes, uses a digital tool, a universal smart contract based on blockchain technology.
  2. A smart contract executing a civil law exchange between Members is called a “Pens Token (token Pens / Pe / PSP)”.
  3. The smart contract, the Pense Token (abbreviated to Pence), uses the Index as published by The Economist since 1986 as the unit of the Big Mac. (
  4. For Members of different civil jurisdictions, the Big Mac Index applies to the corresponding countries jurisdiction of the Members nationality.
  5. Members who are not citizens of any country jurisdictions, may choose one independently. Members may only make one change of jurisdiction per year.
  6. Pens transactions between Members are free.
  7. The community promotes the use of Pence as a reserve and for real economic exchanges between its Members. Digital Pence is decentralized, independent, environmentally friendly, fair and exists for the common good of the Members.
    Article XIV - On Charges to Pens (Pens / Pe / PSP)
  8. Members on signing of the signing of the Constitution, begin to accrue Unconditional Basic Income (AML / UBI). AML / UBI is calculated at a rate of 40 Pens per week and is charged weekly, every Thursday between 23:00 UTC and 23:59 UTC.
  9. The Constitution has a minimum wage of 1 (one) Pence per hour, with a permitted working week of no more than 40 (forty) hours.
  10. Members undertake that, acting as an employer or employee, they will not pay or agree to receive less than the minimum wage adopted by this Constitution.
  11. The Constitution recommends to Members as a guide, fair wages of at least 2 (two) Pens per hour, with a permitted working week of not more than 40 (forty) hours.
    Article XVI - On voting
    Voting is the main, fundamental principle of management and decision-making in the Community:
  12. Direct voting management at the annual General Meetings of all Members, one Member - one vote.
  13. Delegated voting management is the choice of the DAC executive bodies (DAC) by reserving tokens to a specific Community Member, a candidate to the DAC executive bodies (DAC) - one token - one vote.
  14. All decisions made by DAC authorities and all DAC operations will be open and transparent.
    Article XVII - Severability
    If any part of this Constitution is declared to be impracticable or invalid, its remaining part will still be valid and enforceable.

Article XVIII - Amendment
This Constitution and its subordinate documents cannot be changed in any way except by voting Members:

  1. Amendment of this Constitution may not be made earlier than 36 months from the date of the commencement of the operation of the Decentralized Autonomous Corporation.
  2. Further, the aforementioned term will be adopted by the Regulations on the voting of the Members, determining the possibility of changing the Articles of the Constitution.
    Article XIX - Copies
    This Constitution can be enforced with any number of copies, each of which, during execution and delivery, is a duplicate of the original, but all copies together constitute a single agreement.
    Article XX - Intermediate Constitution
    This constitution is an intermediate option, which should remain in force until the permanent Constitution is written and ratified in a referendum.
    (VP At present, societies based on the principles of DAO have created different models: Colony, Aragon, EOS, recently published under the title “Liberal Radicalism: Formal Rules of a Neutral Society”, this very important component - the vote will still be refined)

(This item is not obvious in the first release.)

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