Review of your Con Dao trip

I heard about the mystery, the sacred of the land was once considered the Hell of the Spirit through the spiritual story from the long-time friends, eagerly eager but have not had the opportunity to go. Should be the best friends are preparing to go to Con Dao crazy to ask for tickets to follow.

"One island sleeps three people awake.
The present population of Con Dao has about 7000 but the bones were found to be about 21,000 people "- a Con Dao people share with her.
Since there are no flights to Con Dao, we have to fly in Hanoi - Can Tho - Con Dao and vice versa. Tickets and hotels for your trip close to the day so high,
The price is 4.800.000 VND. Which do you need for a few you put Con Dao tuor. Early booking is nearly 4 million
According to sharing from her beautiful Hong Ngoc: From Can Tho - Con Dao always have two flights depending on you book days or days.
Or another option is that you can also book from Hanoi to HCM and HCM to fly to Con Dao.
In addition, there are high-speed train, boat but my sister advised not to take the train because of safety is not equal and wait a bit uncomfortable ...
Traveling to Con Dao will be a little tired, but you peace of mind, the eagerness as well as your heart if you sincerely want to go to this spiritual land will not be tired,
The weather in Con Dao is super wonderful always: sunny rain erratic.
DAY 1: Hanoi - Can Tho - Con Dao
After landing at Can Tho airport, we have a few hours to shop, have lunch and prepare to fly to Con Dao.
All dress code, and gift offerings to Vo Thi Sau, my brothers are all prepared in Hanoi and bring along, fruits,
Chicken sticky rice ordered in Con Dao.
However, in the island has a family dedicated to the ceremony and is very enthusiastic, dedicated name is Anh Trang - floating floating islands! If the next time to point out that she Trang page all the equipment always because she made adjustments, peace of mind. She also helps people always. I give more money thanks, she did not take the chance,
She said: sell the children is what she has called already. Next time, if I have to make sure to put all her disabilities always.
When the plane arrived at Con Dao airport, my delegation met a taxi driver who has been living in North Vietnam for 10 years,
friendly and also tour guide for us during the time on the island. The children with me near to stay close because not far away. You need the number of taxi you give me
Con Dao is very small, so you can rent a motorbike or bike to take a trip outside the taxi.
On our way to the hotel we stop at two historical sites to visit, it is Con Dao tiger cage and American tiger cage, you can refer to the history of these two prisons, before leaving I do not think I will not visit these two prisons because listening to my friends is very scared: Come here,
You will see the French and American torture of the political prisoners of that time ....
The story and see firsthand the horror spectacle of hell on earth, you see the great sacrifice of his father go ahead!
After the tour, we went to the hotel to check in and rest.
Because it is a book tour, the hotel is also a 2-3 * hotel, you stay at Phi Yen Hotel - close to the beach and is the oldest hotel here.
If you want to resort for 2-3 days can book a resort in Con Dao, resort at the college is always beautiful.
But also heard that the other resorts are spoiled for strange phenomena, mysterious.
I carry a lot of garlic, close to the garlic on the people, so are my friends!
Before entering the hotel, we asked him taxi: Brother,
Is this hotel something mysterious? He said: Which hotel on Con Dao is not mysterious! He asked not to let people fear
Evening after bathing, we have dinner at Con Dao, there are many restaurants for you to choose, we choose to take a taxi out in the middle of the sea to eat seafood ...
Sea water in the College is very salty so seafood also tastes salty than other places! The best seafood I enjoyed was the excellent noodles shrimp dish!
We eat 5 people, full with menu: Shrimp, Mussels, Snail ... She only 1,400,000 only. However, the taxi fare to the beach is 450,000 boat go and go.
If you want to experience the dining experience, you can go, but not eat in the restaurant on the island is also!
I asked the taxi again: Why did you come back to the Island, away from home?
He said: You people and lifestyle here should go in! One year I visit family several times!
Have you ever seen ghosts?
I have seen several times, on the driveway late,
but then think they are also good, should have seen them! Then gradually become accustomed, I keep living well, accrued virtue, no lie, any ghost harm!
About 23 hours we go to the Memorial cemetery Duong to place the ceremony of heroic martyrs before, the ceremony you can cb salty feast or fruit feast freely,
We celebrate Mass on the memorial before 12 o'clock to celebrate the tomb she Sau!
Saying is going to the cemetery in the middle of the night, but here people go to the east as a festival, incense smoke so not afraid of it!
Going to Hang Duong cemetery is a warm voice of NSUT Kim Tien, melodious music ... a solemn atmosphere, silent cover ... no one dared to speak loud
, facetiously...
Chicken, chicken sticky rice, the code of the sisters, but also the sacred ceremony as a towel, mirror, comb, a white dress.
You can ask more about her upcoming holidays to see if there is anything missing then add it.
After the ceremony at the tissue of Sau, we were taxi drivers led to burn incense at the grave Le Hong Phong and Nguyen An Ninh,
Tomb 2 behind the memorial goes into a bit. We are afraid of scaring the two of us, because we are less afraid, and sometimes the wind is humming on the blue ocean.
At Grave 2, a young man wearing brown clothes was looking at the man who was following him, observing, and then asking if he knew ... maybe so,
There are many reminder sea: do not put money in the grave ...
We finished the taxi and the hotel. Concealed soul deity, hear the mysterious story of Con Dao should even rent 2 rooms wide but the whole party into a room, sleep in fear!
Luckily, that night nothing happened. The whole team tired so drunk drunk billion.
Day 2: Con Dao - Can Tho
The next morning on the way to the airport to Can Tho, we came to burn incense in the cemetery Keogh buried collectively thousands of martyrs; Temple of Prince Cai and An Son Temple (Phi Yen temple).
At Con Dao airport, we drink orange juice-
55k / cup but slightly orange and very little should advise the mother to Con Dao airport should only drink bottled water roughly! At Con Dao airport, we also heard documentary films about the sacredness of this land, about two women: Vo Thi Sau & Phi Yen ....
The regime needs to phone tuor number, taxi number to travel,
The number of Anh Trang prepare the ceremony then tell me!
The interesting thing is that #Share yourself to write my next Can Tho trip

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