BookWorm LightReads Challenge#1: Little Engine that Could

Hello Everyone, Hope we are all doing fine. This is a contest to rekindle the love of reading in all of us. It's called the BookWorm LighReads Challenge. It gives you the opportunity to read interesting books, answer simple questions and get rewarded. The book for this challenge is The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper.


The story is about a train that was carrying toys and food for boys and girls. The little train was carrying a lot of good things when suddenly, it broke down and wouldn't move after several failed attempts. Other trains passed by, and occupants of this little train asked for help but none was willing to help out. When they had almost given up on them getting to their destination on time, another little train came to their rescue. Even though this new little blue train was smaller than the others, she believed she could help out and so she tried and indeed, she could help out. This is a great story that tells us we ca do anything we set our minds to. You always have to train the mind and believe in possibilities, and you will realize anything is possible.



TPQ#1 Subjective Opinions

The train is carrying toys and food for good girls and boys. What makes a good toy or good food change from person to person.
What you need and prefer will determine what's good for you. If you lack, anything at all will seem quite good, but if you have a little, you will have a preference for some specific things so not everything will be good enough.

What is your favorite toy?
I don't think I've ever had a favorite toy, unless you count the bicycle I got when I was 8. You play with anything you get your hands on. I never got anything special to play with.

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is fufu and abenkwan. It is a Ghanaian delicacy, so i'm sure the train didn't carry 1.

What is the best toy or food for everyone? Is there one?
There can't be the same toy or food for everyone. Some people don't even have a preference, they just take anything.


TPQ#2 Little Engine

What makes this train different?
The believe that she can made this train different. Also, she was willing to help even though she knew that means she would have to step out of her comfort zone.

Why does the train want to help?
The train wants to help because it's the right thing to do. She sees that the occupants are sad and fustrated and she knew she had the means to help.

What is different about how this train thinks?
This train is cheerful and has positive thoughts. It knows making a difference isn't global but trying to help out with what you have whenever it's needed.*

What do the words I think I can, I think I can, I think I can mean?
The train was being positive, it means staying positive in hard times can get you trough. The train was telling herself she can, and she did.

Have you ever tried to do something difficult?
Everyone has always done something difficult at some point. I remember when I was starting to walk, it wasn't an easy thing.*

Does believing in yourself make it easier? Does it make you braver?
Believing in yourself doesn't make it easier, it just makes you stronger. It makes you braver and you believe you can face anything that might come your wear. You are mentally prepared to make it, come what may.


TPQ#3 Relativism

What makes morals different from opinions? Is there such a thing as subjective morality?
Morals are generally a perceived opinion of a larger group whiles opinions are your personal thoughts and how things are supposed to go. Subjective morality is very wrong as it creates space for everyone to do whatever they want and defend it.

Did the little engine do the right thing?
The little Engine did that right thing buy helping others who needed help.

Did the other trains do the wrong thing?
They didn't do well, especially when their excuse wasn't because they had something very pressing to do at that moment.

Each train thought they were doing the right thing. Does this change anything?
Depending on what you are used to, the right thing might be different from one person to another. I believe the other trains might not to be blamed if they really believed they were doing the right thing.*

Did the way that they thought about themselves change how they made their decision?
It did in away. They believed they were made for specific tasks so wouldn't even attempt doing something different.

How do we know what the right thing to do is?
That is a difficult thing to answer, but generally, God has placed a conscience in us that often guides us on rights and wrongs, whether you believe in Him or not.

Is there one right thing for everybody? Think back to how everyone had different foods and toys.
We all have preferences and since all fingers aren't the same, we all can't want the same thing.

Hope You Enjoyed It

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