MLB Daily Pitching Contest! April 15th, 2018 - Today's Contest & Yesterday's Results! - Win all the GBG's from this post!

MLB Daily Pitching Contest! April 15th, 2018 - Today's Contest & Yesterday's Results!

First let's look at yesterday's results!

Nobody won again because nobody played again.

Every day there is baseball there will be a MLB Pitching Contest.

Rules For The Contest

  • Pick the 3 pitchers you think will score the best

  • Winner will receive all of the GBG post payout in GBG on the day the post is paid out

  • You may only enter once

  • Resteeming and upvoting this post is appreciated to help gain more players and rewards but not mandatory

  • In respect to a tie each day you must select the number for the highest strikeout pitcher without going over. If a tie still exists after that the payout will be split.


  • Earned Runs -3 - (Lose 3 points for every earned run against)
  • Innings Pitched +3 - (3 points for every inning pitched. ex. 5.2 innings = 17 pts)
  • Quality Start +4 - (Pitcher must pitch at least 6 innings with 3 or fewer earned runs)
  • Strike Outs +3 - (3 points awarded for every strike out made)
  • Wins +6 - (Pitcher must be awarded the win for these 6 points)

Please make your entry look like the following:

*Entry Example Only

8 SO

The Pitcher List

  1. ARI (Godley) @ LAD (Kershaw)
  2. OAK (Manaea) @ SEA (Hernandez)
  3. SFG (Beede) @ SDP (Lucchesi)
  4. NYY (Severino) @ DET (Liriano)
  5. TEX (Colon) @ HOU (Verlander)
  • Contest locks at 4pm EST

Keep an eye on the weather guys!

Good Luck Everyone!

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