Horizon State Design Contest

HST (Decision Token) is one of my favorite tokens, that's why I share this info.
Also Horizon State's team is doing great job and great contests. If you are good in design - I advise you to take part.
As I'm writing these words HST token is rising in price fastly! Hopefully this tendency will continue for crypto!

Horizon State Design Contest

Our community has been asking for a way to buy Horizon State Gear and thus we will be launching a store in about two weeks. To kick off the grand opening we thought we would have a design contest for our community. This gives you a chance to design great gear we will try to incorporate into the store, as well as win some Horizon State Tokens!

All members of the HS Telegram group can participate. The contest will run from February 3rd to February 16th PST. The winning entries will be announced shortly there after. Prizes can be claimed for up to 7 days after the winning entries are announced. This is your chance to win HST and Merchandise that you designed. The HS team will choose the winning designs.

For this contest you can create any type of Horizon State logoed or labeled merchandise. All entries must have an official Horizon State logo as the main focus. You can get creative and add any other graphics or wording that you think sets the correct tone for Horizon State and/or HST. To get the logo you can go to the bottom of the page at horizonstate.com and click on press kit. The entries should be emailed to Contest@horizonstate.com and will be published after the winners are chosen.

All entries will become property of Horizon State. There is no cap to the amount of entries that can be submitted. Also please specify what your design/product is intended to be.

If the winning prizes are made into products the winners will receive a free copy of their designed product.

The prizes are as follows:

1st prize — 1000 HST

2nd prize — 500 HST

3rd prize — 500 HST


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