Cool Cousin: ICO for the travel industry

Cool Cousin is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that provides authentic and structured tourist information. This way allows business companies to know better their customers and gives travellers the possibility to experience customized services. Cool Cousin is a VC-backed start-up founded to revolutionize the way people travel. Since launching in June 2016, over half a Million travelers have used Cool Cousin to explore 65+ cities, with trusted city guides curated by 1,000± locals — aka Cousins. Crowned by the New York Times, L.A Times, The Guardian and National Geographic as a “must app for travelers”, Cool Cousin is perfectly positioned to become the place where mainstream travelers adopt cryptocurrency.

The platform is for data exchange in the travel industry. A so-called "Smart Traveling ecosystem" will be useful to small and medium enterprises (SME), as well as to end users - tourists. The service will concentrate on identifying the habits and needs of individuals. The Cool Cousin team not only sets an objective of creating an international database with different levels of access to information provided by users, but also builds ambitious plans to restructure the whole travel business by introducing innovation into b2b and b2c relations in the industry.

Public information is stored in open form. On the other hands, users can control all their personal information in encrypted form. CUZTokens value will increase in accordance to the growth of the stored data amount within the system. When critical mass of users will be reached, the chain effect will occur which will lead to a drastic growth of the ecosystem. In the nearest future, all data used within travel industry may be stored inside Cool Cousin. Today, in cooperation with scientists from the Novosibirsk State University we design standards of storing decentralized travel data published in the documents “Ontology” and “Technical Paper”.

The traveling business is a major and complex framework that fills in as the fundamental wellspring of wage for some nations. Truth be told, it’s not even a solitary industry but instead a huge number of substantial and independent companies taking into account the necessities and likes of individuals resolved to have some good times as conceivable without fretting over costs. This is the thing that the tourism is about. On the off chance that we analyze the financial cycle of a solitary individual, it comprises of two stages. The primary stage is the point at which this individual works and collects cash, without spending much. The second stage is a get-away otherwise known as movement otherwise known as the spending binge when all that cash spared amid the entire year surge over into the economy. Aircrafts, inns and eateries, galleries, presentations and gambling clubs, nearby cabbies and gift fairs — at the end of the day, a colossal lump of the economy straightforwardly relies upon this stream of tourism cash. This is both the circle of wild rivalry and a field that can exceptionally profit by streamlining.

One of the key ideas of the tourism business is a capacity to foresee the requirements and wishes of the voyager, giving the separate administrations and fitting the administrations to the inclinations of a specific customer. As of now, a huge help for actualizing this idea can be given by the individual insights, amassing about every client on the web.

In my opinion, the company deserves your attention. Definitely a company that will grow, because they introduce something very necessary in the market and has a great growing potential!

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