Welcome my dear readers. I want to tell you about a unique project. Currently, there is a huge number of exchanges and cryptocurrency assets. We will not take into account the TOP exchanges, but we will talk about smaller and medium-sized representatives of the crypto industry...

In the past, known facts that prevented developing projects to get to the stock Exchange and get a ticket to life... Fraudulent actions have turned quite promising coins into a miserable existence!
Verify (CRED), Private Bitcoin (BTCP), STRAKS (STAK) - one of the brightest representatives of which was a fiasco due to the illegal actions of stock exchanges of the night!
We present to your attention the project "COOPEX"
What are the criteria for the exchange to be divided?
number of traded pairs
trading volume per day
transaction fee
restrictions on withdrawals
ways to replenish the balance

As we can see, the vast majority choose safety! But do not exclude such an important factor as the Commission for the transactions... The figure above shows that even on exchanges with a lower level of security and a lower Commission, the volume of daily trading is almost the same. It follows that with the proper level of security, the choice falls on the Exchange, which has the lowest percentage of the Commission. This is one of the striking differences of the project "COOPEX".
Many exchanges have poor customer service. We understand how it aggravates the situation of the product in relation to the users! Projects often have to wait a few months to be listed on major Exchanges. COOPEX will be as transparent as possible with the projects in the listings - we have no interest in cheating or misleading the projects. Send the ICO, we will arrange customer service team to deal with any problems on the exchange, which may face the users. We plan to use Zendesk for this.
The Cooperative Exchange Token (COOP) is a token of the COOPEX platform. Every month 75% commissions COOPEX will be collected and used for the redemption of the marker COOP and burning. The token will be purchased on the real COOPEX market at the market price. We will not conduct over-the-counter transactions. This redemption program will increase the price and reduce the offer, stimulating exchange users to buy and hold the token. The COOPEX project is committed to decentralization. We understand the security issues associated with running a centralized exchange. We take many steps to ensure the security of the exchange, but sometimes it is not enough. Thus, in the future, we plan to decentralize part of the exchange of Ethereum and ERC20, similar to the franchise contract of IDEX, and the COOP token will be used as an underlying asset for gas (fees).
COOPEX launches ICO for the COOP token. There will be an open pre-ICO with a 50% discount from June 15 to June 25, and a full ICO will be from July 1 to August 1. There will be a maximum total stock of 12 million COOP tokens. One million tokens will be sold for up to ICO at an equivalent price of 0.05 US dollars. 10 million tokens will be sold during ICO 9 at an equivalent price of 0.10 US dollars. One million tokens will be stored for development, another million tokens will be stored for marketing (bounty campaign and referrals first). Development tokens will be blocked for about six months. Marketing tokens will be available immediately, although we will hold them at a very slow pace. ICO COOPEX will raise a maximum of $ 950,000 (the Hard cap). Nowadays, many ISO's have unpleasantly high Hard Caps that reach tens of millions of dollars. $ 950 000 is the maximum we need to pay for the development and sell the exchange for an indefinite period of time. Software cap is 500 000 dollars-this is probably the minimum that we need to develop and support the platform, while maintaining the ability to trade effectively. We already cooperate with the ICO marketing group, which has access to hundreds of Youtubers, thousands of emails and many Telegram and Discord groups. They will provide us marketing during and after the ICO. We will also contact other marketing firms to consider our options. For example, if we only raise $ 400,000, we will allocate $ 250,000 for development and $ 150,000 for marketing. Note that if we reach the Hard cap, it is likely that we will increase the percentage allocated for the COOP token redemption program.
Cryptocurrency exchanges are involved in the development of a new financial instrument. Thanks to them, cryptographic currencies can be freely bought and sold as if they were stocks, bonds or other securities. However, it is worth remembering that the cryptocurrency is a decentralized system. If you entrust your money to an unreliable platform that refuses to pay it back, no one will be able to return the currency spent. Be extremely vigilant when choosing exchanges with bonuses or with cranes. Choose the right and worthy projects and join us!!!

Official site of the project: https://coopex Oh?market/
The conditions of the bounty campaign:
Telegram project channel:



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