Cornucopia ICO
What Is Cornucopia?
Cornucopia is privately owned index fund, operating on the ignite platform. It acquires shares in private companies before their Initial Public Offering (IPO) actually takes place. The acquisition of shares before their anticipated IPOs in most cases provides investors with the opportunity to earn huge returns in traditional equity markets.

The index fund utilizes a dedicated investment strategy powered and running by theory and the wisdom of the crowd from the technology developed by Ignite RATINGS (

How Cornucopia Private Blockchain pre-IPO Index Fund Works
Using the wisdom of the crowd technology, Cornucopia assesses the most viable opportunities in the Pre-IPO market and rates them. After the selection of a Pre-ICO, Cornucopia will invest capital by purchasing the shares, options, or warrants the company is issuing.

If the investment is profitable, Cornucopia will share the trading gains with members of the Cornucopia community that provided the index fund with the analysis that led to the trade. This means that not only accredited investors can benefit from the profitability and growth of ventures outside the cryptocurrency ecosystem but also Cornucopia token holders.

Additionally, Cornucopia provides other services such as a marketplace that contains unbiased opinions about Pre-IPO companies, an asset class to the Ignite RATINGS platform that seeks to disrupt the traditional ratings industry while providing the users with exposure to the traditional asset class inside the blockchain ecosystem.

Why Invest in Cornucopia?
Exclusive Opportunities:
Token holders have the opportunity to access investment products that were traditionally preserved for accredited investors only and benefit from their profitability and growth.

Cornucopia has attached its Horn token to the exchange rate of the US Dollar. It also only makes investments in traditional companies. This protects token holders and their assets from the risks presented due the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency markets.

Earn Income:
Token holders have the opportunity to earn income by sharing their opinions on upcoming IPO investment opportunities. Horn holders will receive 50% of any profits made by the Cornucopia Index on trades that the token holders recommended.

The Ignite Platform records all the rating and transactions taking place on the network. The platform is unalterable therefore maintaining the integrity of the ratings issued by Cornucopia as it prevents users from manipulating data in order of favor or disregard a particular Pre-IPO company.

Cornucopia HORN Token & ICO Details
Horn is the utility token of Cornucopia. It provides access to the platform and provides users with a proof of membership in the Cornucopia ecosystem. The tokens also act as incentive mechanism for Cornucopia whereby token holders receive Horn token rewards for actively participating on the platform through initiating and offering ratings on Pre-IPO companies and reputation management which is the regulation of the conduct of their peers.

Cornucopia expects to launch instantly without necessarily having to incur development costs due to its partnership with the Ignite Platform. Therefore, most of the capital collected during the ICO will be allocated in funding the Cornucopia Index itself. This means that tokens holders will benefit more from their contributed funds.

Parameters Of The ICO
Token: HORN
Token protocol: ERC 20
Token supply: 200,000,000
Price per token: $0.10 USD
Hard Cap: $20,000,000 USD
Accepted payment methods: Fiat / ETH / Others (via CoinPayments)

Detailed information:
White Paper:
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