Global payment industry in one project — COTI! Only the best of traditional and digital payment systems!

I could not miss this incredible project. And now you will know why!

This is a new-generation payment system of a global scale. And the name of this project is COTI. COTI sets standards for how payments should work in the digital age.

The COTI team is comprised of individuals with proven experience in the payments, cryptography and financial services industries. The core team is supported by internationally recognized advisors including experts in asset management, banking, marketing and blockchain.
COTI’s team includes top management and R&D talent, veterans of the financial industry and blockchain experts. Team includes:

  • Steven Heilbron (former CEO of Investec Bank UK);
  • Dr. Matthew McBrady (former CIO of Blackrock);
  • The founders of and early investors in Twitter, Square, Coinbase, Ripple.

What is COTI?
COTI is Currency of the Internet, universal payment system that combines the best traditional payment systems with the best digital payment systems.

COTI will be able to process 10,000 transactions per second, has signed an exclusive partnership with to get access to over 10,000 merchants and applied for a DLT license in Gibraltar.

COTI includes consumer wallets, merchant processing tools and a digital currency exchange facility.

Payments network was designed to take over where traditional payment systems left off, namely with instantaneous transfers, low-to-zero fees and cost effective buyer-seller protections.

COTI partners with many projects. In the picture below you can see one of them:

COTI has partnered with Isazi to further support its R&D efforts in developing its Trustchain™ algorithm and Mediation System.
The Trustchain™ is a blockless payment system that is based on a DAG structure, which is highly scalable with low-to-zero fees and buyer-seller protections

Let's look at the rating of the project:

  • From ICO Rating to CoinSchedule, COTI has been recognized as one of the most promising projects in the cryptocurrency space!
  • COTI secured a 9.0/10 rating by ICO Marks, with highest ratings across social media activity and team proof.
  • ICO bazaar awarded COTI with an AA out of AAA, receiving high marks for the website, media, team and technology.
  • Track ICO assigned COTI a perfect 5 out of 5 rating.
  • COTI made it to ICO Hot List’s ‘Hot’ shortlist, marking it as a promising upcoming project.
  • CryptoPotato assigned COTI an 8.4 out of 10 rating.
  • Coinlauncher awarded COTI with a 9.92 out of 10 rating.
  • COTI received a 4 out of 5 rating by ICO Bench based on 17 expert ratings.
  • COTI secured 4.5 out of 5 stars based on a review by NewsBTC.
    As we can see, the rating from all these companies is very high. This, in turn, indicates that the project is worthy of attention and will be implemented in the future at the highest level.

I am inspired by the ideas of the COTI project, which offers a completely new technology product, which gives everyone a lot of advantages for people all over the world. I fully support the new improved solution from the COTI project. I like what they do!

I see you are already interested in this project. Then meet with future!

Analyzing the project, I will say that the concept of the project COTI has a great future.
COTI is the Currency of the Internet – the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and reliable way to pay!

More information about the COTI you can find on the official website of the project and in social networks:

Good luck to all and see you later!

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