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Platform Creator - will be the most effective solution for promoting the resources and content of users in social networks. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Creator will increase the attendance of users' resources and, accordingly, will give them the opportunity to earn on content. A unique feature of this resource is that the Creator platform combines a huge functionality. This functionality will allow the marketing of content in social networks. Everything will be done with the involvement of professional marketers and with the maximum automation of promotion.


It should be borne in mind that the content market in social networks is now growing at a tremendous rate. Authors of independent content earn thousands of US dollars, and growth trends persist. In fact, a new market for advertising and promotion. Of course, not all resources are able to successfully start their road and get the desired number of visits, content development, attract advertisers, etc. Creator are sure - creators of content do not have enough effective promotion. Because of this, very many can not monetize their resources. Agree, it's a pity when the time spent on creating high-quality content does not pay off. Platform Creator will solve all these problems.

How it works

In essence, Creator creates its own internal market, which will create and implement advertising and marketing campaigns, accept payments, automate the work of creating reviews, and formulate accounts. This is something that the creators of content in social networks lacked so much. Naturally, the whole process of creators works and is based on blockchain technologies. Information is stored at the highest quality standards, financial transactions inside the platform will be implemented in an internal token with the proper level of protection.

Platform Creator will offer great ideas for promotion, will make it possible to translate these ideas into reality. As a result, everyone wins - platform, advertisers, content creators, marketers ...

It is worth noting that creators of the Creator platform already have a successful experience in creating this kind of resources -

1521739006_Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 10.14.38 AM.png

Creator will have the following functions based on Captiv8

  • Will allow to select the most effective marketers or owners of quality contents. Selection can be carried out on the basis of ratings and feedback, generated directly by the platform system.
  • It will allow to manage marketing through a number of mechanisms - to make an effective marketing plan for promotion, to carry out forecast and analysis, to develop an action plan and implement it, etc.
  • Will propose to identify the most preferable target markets, groups and categories.
  • Generate and analyze reporting.
  • Perform posting msgs in automatic or semi-automatic mode.
  • Current automated analysis and statistics
  • Full audit of the results of the promotion.


A great opportunity to combine the efforts and capabilities of the platform, marketers, advertisers, social resources and content Creators. The calculation capabilities of the internal token will increase the usability of this resource.

The platform also provides for the possibility of promotion within the community, which will greatly facilitate the tasks of promotion and costs for these purposes.


The internal Creator token is called CR8. The first sales within the ICO have just begun. It is planned in the implementation of the ICO to sell 35% of the tokens. For a total amount of $ 20,000,000. The nominal rate of 1 token is $ 0.06 / 1 CR8.

Team and partners

The Creator project team is quite large. The highest management is represented by the representatives of India. The team has experienced specialists in the field of crypto-currency operations, marketing, management, finance. We believe that such specialists will be able to ensure the effective launch and operation of the platform.

Creator partners include large companies (potential advertisers) - Evian, Coca-Cola, Ford Models, Adobe, Amazon, m & m's, Uber and many other major multinational corporations.

As copper partners are indicated: The Economist, Business insider, BBC, Inc. and others.

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