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Let’s take a look at the platform which opens up huge new markets and new potential to use blockchain projects and services in world finance and other sectors that can not be used before due to the speed and transaction costs of limitations.

CREDITS is a blockchain platform (protocol) with its own internal cryptocurrency CREDITS (CS). This is a new and unique technical implementation of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and data protocols.
This is a platform with entirely new technical networking capabilities, speed, transaction costs and number of operations per second. This is an open platform which means that users and companies can create online services that implement the blockchain protocol.
We offer new products to users.we designed new features by creating new algorithms to seek consensus; new registry scheme; an algorithm for processing and maintaining transition-based solutions for finite state machines based on the Federal voting node model.

The CREDITS platform offers solutions to low-speed issues and high transaction costs. It expands potential blockchain technology to the financial industry and Internet Things. The CREDITS platform is a decentralized financial system for direct interaction between
peer-to-peer principle participant (P2P).this platform expands the potential use of financial services based on distributed ledgers, self-executing smart contracts, and CREDIT Cryptocurrency The system aims to unite all participants on a single site, providing it with a platform for creating and deployingfinancial services; where anyone can offer a service and use it.thanks to a well-defined and balanced technology system.
The CREDITS platform offers a new technical solution and a new conceptual model of network participants’ interaction for the development of modern decentralized financial services
CREDITS single technology decentralization platform can incorporate all financial participants services, securely and quickly carry out all transactions using the principles of a distributed ledger.
Self-executed smart contracts and the principles of the federal voting system set limits .

What’s offered by the CREDITS platform?
You also get immediate access to some very powerful services too. This includes the CREDITS cryptocurrency, as well as smart contracts that get executed automatically and a distributed ledger, among many others. That’s what makes the CREDITS platform worth it, the fact that you get all the features you want in a single package and you can modify them as you see fit.

Moreover, you can choose to offer services on the platform and use services as well. This is the ultimate solution for people that want to have a decentralized financial service which works very well, one that can be completely customized based on your needs and expectations.

Instead of using intermediaries, CREDITS makes the entire process simpler and more focused on the two parties that use this system. Plus, everything is completely modifiable based on their needs. For example, you can opt for funding, crediting, value or currency exchange, even money transfers via this app. As a result, the entire process is fast and easy, and the entire experience is extremely meaningful because of that.

How fast is the CREDITS system? 1-8-270x168.jpg
This is a very fast platform, one that helps you perform all the transactions you want in no time. you can easily invest money or transfer them to another recipient at blazingly fast speeds. But the best part is that you get to have all that security and privacy that you always needed from a financial system. Regular financial systems are problematic in this regard, but CREDITS makes everything seamless and more interesting.

The CREDITS platform has 5 advanced technological advantages for the future:
Each record is inserted into blocking database blockades without Merkle trees and sidechains by processing consensual transactions.
Block formation
Permissions are set at the transaction level. transactions are added to the block to find further consensus with the algorithm to find a finite state machine solution.
Consensus model
The consensus model: federal with mechanism to solve most nodes with permission to make a decision.
Smart contract
Each smart contract is performed in a separate isolated virtual machine environment, allowing development in scripting languages (JavaScript), expanded work with scheduled calendars.
The system is scalable (because the number of nodes increases, the number of transactions processed per unit of time increases). There is no mining so all the coins are issued first in a certain amount .

  • Design of new technology from blockchain operation scheme.
  • New characteristics of platform, speed, price, network volume .
  • Requests from customers: banks and financial services .
  • No existing working analogs in terms of characteristics (for summer 2017) .
  • MVP project is ready Working with Alpha version.

The more advanced technology in the world of banking transactions began to use computer-based technology to facilitate transactions with customers. which had served customers by having to meet / customers come to the bank branches provided by the bank he used to save / infertation become easier because the bank began using computer-based technology and now can access through the internet even with mobile “SMARTPHONE” with SMS has been applied by many banks. In the banking world, the development of information technology to make the company change business strategy by placing technology as a key element in the process of product and service innovation such as:

The existence of transactions in the form of money transfer via mobile or via teller.
The existence of ATM (Auto Teller Machine) cash withdrawal in cash 24 hours.
Use of Database in banks.
Data synchronization at Branch Office with Bank Head Office.
with the network computer relationship or our communication with clients so more efficient, and faster. For example: email, teleconference. while at home can communicate with other users to establish a relationship (chat), and as entertainment can be used to play online games, file sharing. If we have more than one computer, we can connect to the internet through a network. for example like in a cafe or house that has many rooms and there are every computer in it. In the banking world, the development of information technology to make the company change business strategy by placing technology as a key element in the process of product and service innovation. as well as electronic transaction services (e-banking) through ATM, phone banking and Internet Banking, for example, are new forms of bank services that transform the service of manual transactions into transactional services based on technology.

The function of information technology (IT) has undergone rapid changes and developments in the last decade. An increasingly specialized IT function encourages each bank to form its own special section, department, or work unit. although the structure is dependent on various factors such as business scales and workload, but the work unit reflects two aspects of activity, namely aspects of technology development and operational aspects.

The data processing facilities available in the bank today are the result of technological advances and the need to run the operations systematically and well in line with the inflow and outflow of bank funds. the facility serves to handle, select, calculate, compile, report, and transmit information. .so the use of IT in such banks is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of data management of banking business activities so as to provide accurate, timely, timely results and can guarantee the confidentiality of information (as per Bank Indonesia regulations).

The proper TSI function can not be separated from the criteria of choosing the type of technology that will be used by the bank. The computer application system used in the banking sector should be able to accommodate all the needs of the bank and in accordance with the provisions of the monetary authority (regards this is Bank Indonesia). This requires the selection of computer software given the type of software available and offered in many relative markets. In general this election is based on the suitability between the capacity of the bank with the facilities or the ability of the software to be selected so that the investments that have been issued are really effective and provide added value to the bank .

For example, Banks with relatively small capacity, such as Rural Banks are less relevant when using computer application systems that provide transaction facilities in foreign currency or giro management. This is due to the fact that it is not allowed to conduct transactions in foreign currency and does not participate in the payment of demand deposits. The use of such software becomes inefficient and the investment cost is greater than the added value it produces.
Selection criteria for good banking computer software in accordance with the needs of banks in general based on the following considerations:
Documentation or Data Storage Capabilities
The type and classification of bank data that relative much should be accommodated by the software to be used, including consideration of terms of data security. the number of customers as well as the frequency and number of large daily transactions require large computer memory, in addition to requiring a high speed processor as well. for example less efficient when using large machines, eg AS / 400 in operation because capacity and geographic coverage are usually relatively small.
Bank operations are always evolving with changing needs and may increase in the future even though the basic information remains the same. This condition should be anticipated by computer software to some extent. each bank has a system and procedures that may vary even if the data or basic information is processed the same. Flexible computer software can be used by two banks of equal capacity but different systems and procedures.
Security System
As an agency of trusth, the bank needs a reliable security system to maintain the confidentiality of the customer’s data or finances; as well as to prevent misuse of data or finances by other irresponsible parties. Good computer banking software should provide such control and security facilities.
Ease of use (user friendly)
Understanding is easy to operate does not mean every user (user) can access to the software but the officer who does have the authority to easily operate the process of which the responsibility. The input, process, and output stages performed on the software are not an obstacle in overall banking activity. A good computer application system can even detect operational errors by giving error messages and provide troubleshooting instructions .
Reporting System
The data or information needed should be presented in a clear and understandable form. The bank requires clear and complete reports, especially in the audit process or presentation of reports that can be understood by the parties concerned with the financial expectations of each bank to be more transparent and accountable.
Aspects of Maintenance
The performance of banking software is expected to be relatively stable as long as banks operate. This condition requires good aspects of maintenance, in the sense that technically not difficult and does not require a relatively expensive cost. This maintenance also concerns the replacement or repair of technical equipment and modifications or software development.
Source Code
Banking software is usually a package program that has been compiled so that it becomes an excecutable file. The program files are relatively irreversible or modified in case the bank wants a change or additional facility of the software. This condition can be overcome if the bank has and understand the software tersevut in the form of the original programming language or source code.
Structure of information and relationships between sub-application systems of banks
Relationship between sub-system application on bank operations. The concept of a front office that is closer to the customer side and the back office concept that is closer to the bank side as a financial institution that should record, document, and or publish financial information, causing the banking application system to consist of mutual sub-systemsrelated in accordance with the stages of processing and types of financial data.


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