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I want this review to Shine a technological project called . The Crest DigiAd platform is an online marketing and digital advertising platform that generates daily revenue by allocating Crest utility tokens to run multiple advertising campaigns. Crest develop a durable and comfortable platform for campaigns DigiAd, which operates on an independent ad server, equipped with automated learning algorithm.
There is no doubt the driving role of advertising in trade. But today, thanks to the latest scientific research, other reasons for the effectiveness of advertising for the promotion of goods have become known. Modern advertising is an integral part of market, activity or marketing. Advertising strategies and companies are designed to solve marketing problems, and activities that promote sales in general, is built taking into account the basic marketing orientation of the company.

The economic role of advertising is that it often serves the satisfaction of the economic, commercial interests of advertisers.

The role of advertising in trade is obvious – it does not just promote products, but literally injects advertised information into the consumer’s brain. This is the formation of a brand, an external sustainable associative image of products, a trademark. Now no manufacturer can do without an advertising campaign to promote their brand.

The Crest DigiAd platform is an online marketing and digital advertising platform that generates daily revenue by highlighting the Crest utility tokens for launching multiple advertising campaigns. We develop a solid and convenient platform for DigiAd campaigns, which runs on independent ad servers equipped with automated self-learning algorithms.

The social role of advertising is conditioned, first of all, by the relevance of the social marketing concept – the newest business philosophy, which can be briefly characterized by the fact that the entrepreneur (advertiser) must predetermine the needs, desires and interests of his target market and satisfy them more effectively than competitors, and so to maintain or improve the welfare of consumers and society as a whole.

The Crest platform combines the capabilities of online marketing and artificial intelligence (AI) and is designed to generate revenue for members of the Crest community by highlighting the Crest utility tokens for launching multiple marketing and advertising campaigns, which in turn will bring revenue to the community.

Crest Token promoters know the online marketing industry inside and out and are working to create a DigiAd platform based on these principles to help the Crest community earn a daily income by investing in digital advertising campaigns. So they provide constant support to users of the platform.
This business model is completely independent of the volatility of the crypto currency.
A fully developed platform at the end of the ICO.
Daily community updates via email and active social platforms.
We will not hold on to your bitcoin or Ethereum during the ICO.
Lower and upper limits of the purchasing cover during the ICO.
A generous program of generosity.
Weekly redemption and a token.
Clear openness in the allocation of funds ICO.

Details of the ICO

The CSTT token is a means of payment that will enable its holders to settle in this platform and use the services.

The standard of the token is ERC20.

Token Symbol – CSTT

Pre-sale date: May 24 (1pm GMT) – May 30 (1pm GMT)

The period of the main stage of the sale: May 30 – June 27

The cost of the token: $ 0.25 / CSTT – $ 1.85 / CSTT

Tokens allocated for pre-sale: 1,000,000

A token is allocated for ICO 6,400,000

Total number of tokens released 12,500,000

Min / Max Personal Cap 20/1500 CSTT (depending on the round)

Accepted currencies: ETH and BTC

Erin Cotter Online Marketing Head
Highly creative and strategic senior marketing executive with 15 years of proven success building global beauty brands across categories (skincare, makeup, haircare, haircolor, body) and across channels (specialty/multi, department store, salon, DTC) via innovative new products and marketing programs
➢ Demonstrated success as both an entrepreneur and a global marketer. Co-founded Passport, a private equity-backed prestige makeup brand with international distribution including Sephora, Harvey Nichols and QVC. Currently lead global skincare marketing for Estée Lauder, a $2B category with distribution in 100+ markets
➢ Exceptionally collaborative with excellent leadership and communication skills with proven success managing teams and building strong networks across an organization
Aleksandar Djordjevic Senior Software Developer
Senior JavaScript Web/Mobile Front-End Developer | Senior Blockchain Developer | Senior Smart Contracts Developer | Crypto Enthusiast | Under 30 CEO & Entrepreneur

Eager and passionate, always starving for some new skills and knowledge. Surrounded with the Web development tools, Front-End technologies, Mobile apps, Blockchain, dapps, crypto world.

Currently using few Front-End technologies for mobile and web development.
Working as a Senior Web/Mobile Front-End Developer on projects related to mobile apps development and web development. Also focused on Blockchain development, dapps and Crypto traiding.

Nihal Patel Blockchain Developer
Productive and fast-learner. I accept challenges and work hard on it. I'm curious to know about something new. I spend almost whole day learning latest technologies. Web development is my passion. I craft beautiful web of colours.
Angela Brasington Senior Marketing Strategist
Accomplished executive with strategic business and project management skills. Entrepreneurial and team-oriented, carefully allocating projects within our team to provide stellar digital marketing services to a diverse portfolio of clients from the blockchain to ecommerce brands.

Specialties: Digital marketing, ICO marketing, Social Media marketing, Overall business growth, content creators, product development, apparel production, supply chain management, customer and vendor relationships, cost analytics, customer satisfaction.
Dean Matthew Lapinid Lead Community Manager

Chad Copeland Creative Designer
A forward thinking innovator who is a motivated self-starter with a passion for design and vast knowledge of the industry. A hard-working and high impact performer with strong communication and entrepreneurial business skills. Challenges are always met with solutions and there is never a shortage of new ideas.

Annah Todd Digital Marketing Consultant
pecialty is integrated campaigns to cross-promote and accelerate growth across digital platforms. She spearheads digital storytelling via photography, videography, and copywriting.

Ms. Todd previously served as COO at ToldYaa!™, a social media and digital management firm that curates and creates content, manages clients social media presence and builds a strategic audience aligned with the client’s business goals and marketing strategies. Ms. Todd handled the day-to-day management and operations from the top down and was always ready to jump headfirst into a new project.

Ms. Todd enjoys learning new technology, building things (physically and digitally) and honing a wide variety of skills. Ms. Todd currently resides mostly on the Maine coast but can be found anywhere from New Brunswick to the Hamptons. She is an avid runner, sailor, skier, horseback rider, and enjoys anything high energy or challenging.
This is a truly unique and promising project. The project is headed by vysokok alifitsirovannye of command professionals,this product svoevremenno came on the market.And I believe that the demand for these services will grow exponentially.And with timely and accurate implementation of the road map by the team, the exchanges, in turn, will react with rapid growth.And I think that the investment potential of the project is at a very high level.









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