Preparing for the completion of the token Crowdsale Network

Approaches to the end of the token sale of decentralized crowd-hosting platform Crowdsale Network. We receive many positive feedback from our like-minded people, investors and representatives from different countries who are residents of the CIS, Israel, the Baltic States, India, Germany and Hungary. In this article we will try to give a detailed answer to the questions of our representatives and interested parties about the future plans of our platform.

When will the tokens be counted?
In the period from 1 to 7 June, 2018, we calculate all the tokens sold for BTC and ETH, and will add their quantity to the total amount. Unsold CSNP tokens from the pool for sale and unused tokens from the bonus pool will be burned, this will serve as a kind of guarantee that the token price on the exchange will grow faster than if we included unsold tokens in the pool to reward the contributors. We play fair, and that's our approach.
Exchange, where will be CSNP
From June 10, 2018, you will be able to withdraw the purchased tokens from your personal cabinet and sell them on the decentralized EtherDelta exchange. To enter other exchanges, our team is leading a huge work and all the important news about this will be published on our official website, in the News section, also by e-mail newsletter. If you have not subscribed to our news yet, you can do it right now.
Last 3 days of sale of the tokens: Promotion for the sale of CSNP for coins CGEN with a 50% bonus.
We are grateful to everyone who believe in our project and purchased CSNP tokens. We appreciate your support and invite you to continue to take an active part in the development of startup culture in different cities and countries.
Today, May 22, 2018, there are 3 days left until the sale of the tokens. If you want to increase the number of your tokens - it's a needed time. Such rule is working "+ 50%", that means, you can buy our coins for a CGEN coin at a unique rate of 1CSNP = 2000CGEN.

The offer is valid from May 23 to May 25, 2018. Hurry up!


Please note, if you have already purchased CSNP tokens, you need to specify your MyEtherWallet wallet number in your account, this must be done before June 1, 2018. This will allow us to verify your willingness to accept tokens while apportion. It is important for us to help you at every stage of buying tokens.
Security - above all!
The Crowdsale Network platform is not responsible for entering the wrong address. Ethereum account should be from the MyEtherWallet wallet, otherwise, your tokens will disappear. It is important that both the type and number of the wallet were specified correctly. Please be careful and follow these requirements.
What role does the CGEN coin play in the Crowdsale Network ecosystem?
Community Generation (CGEN) is a unique project created within the ecosystem of the Crowdsale Network, designed to enable all interested people to support prospective start-ups with the help of new technologies. We will be happy to form around the CGEN token a many thousands of investors interested in financing promising innovative start-ups promoted by the Crowdsale Network platform.
Make a purchase of CGEN coins on one of the exchanges listed on the site, and buy CSNP tokens with a bonus here.

Join us, maybe you are ready to become our representative.
How will the license be given to representatives of Crowdsale Network?

Franchising from our platform
We are looking for and carefully selecting projects for our platform. We need perspective start-ups, we are ready to support them. If you know such projects and ready to be their companion, perhaps it's time for you to become our representative.
To obtain a Crowdsale Network representative's license, you must replenish your personal account balance at
It does not matter who or where you bought CSNP tokens, the main condition is to keep tokens on your balance sheet, not on the exchange.
1800 CSNP - consultant license;
9000 CSNP - agent license;
45000 CSNP - partner license;
90 000 CSNP - license for the city "City Advisor".

Earlier, we charged bonuses for referral sales of licenses of our representatives. Now everything will be changed. Referral bonuses from May 23, 2018 will be disabled. From now on, representatives will be rewarded by connecting new startups to our platform. The received tokens or coins from startups will be shared between licensed representatives of Crowdsale Network according to the number of tokens on the balance sheet. Representatives will participate in the program AirDrop, which will be an additional bonus for them. You will Benefit our platform and we gladly share it.
Become our agent to find really interesting start-ups.
For the search and finding an interesting startup, our representatives can get a bonus of tokens or coins of the same startup on special terms:
Under the terms of our platform, 10% of coins or tokens issued will be shared within the platform. Your share of coins will be calculated based on your status of representative:
Consultant - 1%
Agent - 2%
Partner - 3%
City Advisor - 4%.

The City Advisor license holder is authorized to create a team of developers, marketers and other necessary specialists to open CSN Lab in their city. Create a lab from our platform and select startups professionally and with understanding.
We are developing, and we realize the need to expand CSN Labs' innovation preparation centers, that means, we are ready to open new laboratories around the world. Such centers will help dividing of tasks for packaging and promotion of new start-ups. The staff of our laboratories / centers will have a unique opportunity to receive training at all events of our platform. If you can quickly and confidently receive training from us, holding a status of City Advisor, you can additionally receive a reward from the owners of the involved projects. The reward for each project is determined individually.
We remind you that according to the Crowdsale Network road map for 2018, 15 start-ups are planned to be launched, from which three projects are already under implementation:,,
We confidently go to the future, supporting and implementing socially-important and innovative start-ups. Support and creation of new projects - is a grateful deed that will lead us all to success.
We are grateful to everyone who believes in us, for the support and effective actions for the benefit of our decentralized platform Crowdsale Network.

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