TSE: who participates and who benefits.


TSE is the newest tool for raising funds, a financial-profitable process for each Party (Business - User - the founder company of a token), which is not subject to regulation by a single country. It is possible that this was the reason for winning the status of "Branch of world significance"..

The sale of tokens or, as it is customary to call in the crypto society - the Token Sale Event, is conducted by start-ups and established companies with the purpose of crowdsale, for the implementation of further strategic plans. Often, the tokens sell at the development stage, or when the platform is already functioning and fully accessible to users, but on global development and active expansion of own funding is not enough.

TSE regularly conducts a huge number of projects. Someone, in the end, will be weaker, and the amount collected for advertising will not reach even the bottom mark, someone is stronger, and the company's tokens are bought at the time of the first presale.


Why do companies massively go to a TSE? The riddle? No, rather, finding an easy way to achieve a financial goal without obligations to the law: you do not need to show income, have reserve capital, pay deductions and conduct a thorough audit. Moreover, it is not necessary to have specialists with a diploma in the team. Comply with a number of rules, of course, it is necessary, but there is no responsibility for crypto-activity as such. All, as they say, "on conscience".

Now let's talk about profitability. High volatility prevents the determination of prices, and to understand in which direction the token is moving (profit / loss) is almost impossible. People buy tokens with a single purpose: to earn on the tokens. And why not, if it is very profitable:

  • the size of the investment is almost minimal.
  • the ability to monitor operations 24/7.
  • profit even from possession of 1 token.
  • sale at any time.

The profit from buying / reselling is a very real process, but with the presence of features:

  • When buying tokens, the user should understand that he is making a long-term investment, because this is where the whole charm of earnings lies. Let's say the price of the token at the start is $0.35. And is clear what to sell for the same cents... where is the logic and what's the point, if the profitability is 0%? But after a couple of months, he can go up to $6.2 for 1 token. That's quite another matter, you can sell. The more demand for a token, the more valuable it is, but it takes time. Examples on the same principle are enough: the TaaS token grew fivefold in five weeks, BAT cost only $0.036 and rose to $0.24. GNO rose in price by 4, EDG - exceeded expectations and increased to 500%.

  • Buying a token on presales brings basic and additional bonuses, which in the total amount can make a profitability of up to 70%, 100% or even more. Depends on the interest rate from the project, but the more you buy tokens, the more% drips into your wallet. Buying tokens after the termination of TSE, often, does not give bonuses, therefore it is very important to have time to buy a token at the first stages of the sale. For example, if a user has bought 1000 tokens and % of bonuses is 15, then 150 tokens are credited with a freebie. In our case, the bonus TSE program from buying tokens looks like this:

  • buying from 100 to 3 000 NYIGDE tokens, we charge the user 10% of bonuses.

  • from 3 000 to 10 000 tokens we give 20% of bonuses.

  • The purchase from 10 000 to 100 000 is accompanied by 30%.

  • 100 000-500 000 tokens brings to the Buyer 40% of bonuses.

  • from 500 000 - charge 50%, VIP-bonus.

Figures, interest rates speak for themselves. They form an understanding that the benefit from TSE is extracted by both Parties, both the User and the start-up, the company. There is no need to think-guessing, it's enough to persuade people to look through crypto-sources, which are full of illustrative examples... there are many examples. Ethereum itself started from $0.2, and today $500. Here you have a direct proof. Do not be afraid to buy tokens, you just need to understand the principles, mechanisms of work, learn the analysis of the block-project. We wish you a worthy purchase and a huge profit!

Join us:

Token Sale Event (TSE) : https://token.nyigde.com

Marketplaces: https://nyigde.com

White paper RU: http://bit.ly/2wk4xHb

White paper EN: http://bit.ly/2KIMFZl

Telegram Chat RU: https://t.me/nyigdechatru

Telegram Chat EN: https://t.me/nyigdechaten

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NyiGde

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nyigdeRU

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