🔥Humancoin is the cryptocurrency of kindness!🔥

Today charity has become the basis for the formation of professional activities such as "social work". The development of various forms of assistance is also characteristic: material and humanitarian assistance. Over the past year, the social base of persons in need of support - disabled people, many elderly people, refugees, immigrants, homeless people - has increased significantly. Migration, unemployment, crime, family destruction, the growth of social deviation-is the social background that determined the scale and severity of the problem of the development of the charity movement in the country.

Many of us are ready to help others and of course the question of trust and desire to trace how really the donations sent by us are used arises before all, whether they really went to a good cause, but not to a pocket to any official. On the street you can always find beggars, the media themselves sometimes produce programs, news that it can act in such a way fraudsters.

And there is not a very pleasant situation, because in the world a lot of people need help, and people do not know how to transfer funds to them without any intermediaries and deceivers, as a result of this direction and does not develop confidently. But fortunately this problem is taken to solve a project called Humancoin.
It decided to unite in one decentralized platform both sides of this issue: those who need help and those who are ready to carry it out and all operations to carry out with the help of a digital token that will help to record all the funds promotion directly to the recipient, to record in the general register of the blockchain and to give confidence to people that there are still organizations ready to help and to make noble acts.

Various socially responsible companies, organizations engaged in charity and pre-enterprise that allocate money for social assistance to the needy can participate here. Thanks to such a transparent and efficient ecosystem, the flow of funds can increase several times. The project already cooperates with well-known companies, where their tokens can be safely exchanged for various goods, receive bonuses, discounts and coupons.
To date, the developers have released an MVP, which shows how you can transfer to any country donation, track it and receive a full report on the use of your funds. And there is a function of receipt, which can be used when submitting tax reports. The platform itself will take a commission from donations of 5% for its further development and this is much lower compared to traditional organizations.

This ideal and ambitious idea, which will remove the issue of trust to the third plan and easily do good and useful things to many participants, will facilitate the work with reporting. Now there is a preliminary sale of tokens and the necessary amount has already been almost collected, the main event will begin on September 15, 2018. Let's start helping all those in need with this project!

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