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Hello and good mood! Digital money is slowly beginning to enter into our lives even with the traditional banking system, just not everyone notices: we pay for goods, services and many other purchases with a Bank card and electronic payment systems, though we see only the numbers on your account.

They provide us with some convenience: there is no need to carry cash, you can pay in many places, transfer to another person through online banking without personal presence in the bank branch. Life is greatly simplified, many businesses are accelerated, but at the same time it is fraught with shortcomings:

  1. Our money is managed by centralized bodies and institutions(banks);

  2. See all our personal data and transactions;

  3. Can block some transfers at will;

  4. Do not give any guarantees about the safety of our money;

  5. Limit the amount of some operations or delay them in time.

To solve these problems with the help of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies have appeared, some have already tried their advantages and are happy, but there is still the question of cashing them into traditional money, as they are not still accepted as payment in their financial infrastructure.

Quite recently, an unpleasant case happened to me: I wanted to exchange 2.7 Ethereum for rubles(I live in Russia) through a centralized exchanger, which I used about 10 times, but on this day after the transfer of this amount, the site disappeared and support did not answer me. This led to the loss of these digital funds.

Therefore, I recommend many to exchange small amounts or use only decentralized exchangers. Today I got acquainted with a project that plans to launch such an exchange and it is called Konios.
It creates a multifunctional decentralized platform where you can perform various operations with digital currencies, including their safe cash with the help of smart contracts, which guarantee the fulfilment of the exchange or refund. The project itself is officially registered in the commercial register in Switzerland and is constantly monitored by the authorities.

This platform will allow me and all other participants to easily exchange cash for cryptocurrencies and vice versa, also when traveling in another country or city to receive local currency for digital money. It is very conveniently and quickly and without large fees, which usually ask for exchange at banks and here excluded the possibility to fall for scams.

The main goal of this project is to allow users to remove the issue of trust to the secondary plan and easily carry out various operations with money. Small and medium businesses will be able to integrate this application into their activities and receive payment for goods and services in the form of cryptocurrency.

The team has its own legal adviser Jürg Bühlmann, founder Patrik Krasnic and partners are well-known companies, see them in this picture below. All members have good experience in various fields of business and technology.
Now their tokens are being sold with a pleasant bonus and it will last until September 30, 2018. The idea of the project is very promising and ambitious, which will really help to solve the existing problems of cashing money and accelerate the process of popularization of digital currencies, helping people to establish values among themselves and improve the financial situation without intermediaries, territorial and political restrictions.

If you want to get more information about this project, please follow these links below:



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