🔥MONVID:The new generation of decentralized Streaming Platform🔥

Not everyone on the Internet is familiar with the term "streaming", although they do not suspect that they can already use it and it is a useful service. Streaming allows you to transfer data to the end user from the provider, with everything being on a remote server and for this the client does not need to download and install anything. We can compare it with radio and television broadcasting. A person does not depend on when the stream is being broadcast and chooses a convenient time for the consumption of various formats of information.

If we compare with the traditional methods of data transmission, in the case of streaming services on gadgets, computers are freed up a lot of space and do not need constant cleaning after normal downloads. You can remember or even now see how many gigabytes you have files with music and movies! Streaming greatly simplifies everything and gives access to content at any time of the day on your devices.

Which streaming services are the most popular today, in theory, they are the same providers that provide access to all necessary information. There are services that are music providers, probably many have already used Yandex.Music, Deezer, Vkontakte, Spotify, Rdio, and more recently iTunes Radio and Google Play Music all Access. Further, providing participants with streaming video, for example, Netflix, in Russia there are analogues of the service:, now.ru, ivi.ru I playfamily.ru Oh? Video game streaming providers are also gaining popularity, and these are now becoming major game console manufacturers: Microsoft has demonstrated the Rio service, Sony has bought the Gaikai service and plans to use it for its development.

As you may have noticed, this industry is mainly controlled by large corporations and small, medium-sized services are more difficult to become popular, compete and enter the market, in addition, all the traditional services are centralized and content can be blocked when moving to another country, or steal scammers! These problems wants to eliminate the project Monvid!
The team of this project creates a decentralized network that carries out data streaming to users, thereby bypassing all restrictions and protecting the content of the authors and rewarding them with tokens of the platform without delay.

Unlike traditional viewers here can be every person from anywhere in the world and support, vote, leave a review of the information he liked, which will increase the flow of a large number of people to such a platform. Since removed all sorts of restrictions and intermediaries in the form of banking, electronic payment systems, video hosting. All this will be implemented using blockchain technology.

Each country has its own censorship, rules for displaying different types of information, Monvid will make it possible to easily bypass and monetize your creative work, create more effective content for your subscribers and get honest feedback from them.
In most cases, government agencies manage their media and manipulate news, events to mislead people and benefit from it. Here bloggers, media persons will be able to deliver honest and real, true information to people.

Such advantages will give the opportunity and increase profits to many participants when downloading important and interesting information. There are many examples when many useful, educational films are simply not released to the general public, thus keeping people in the dark or rather misleading them.

Now the team is selling tokens of its platform and it will last until August 31, 2018, Soft cap has already been collected. And in my opinion, this decentralized streaming platform will eventually be able to enter the market and take its rightful place, as it eliminates many shortcomings of the current services and allows absolutely anyone to take an active part in the promotion and support of this ecosystem!

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