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Crypto and crypto mining they are both deeply connected. They are not complete without each other. After the huge gain in the popularity of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, mining different cryptocurrencies became a trend. At first, it was just bitcoin mining and some top crypto. But as time went, many different cryptocurrencies emerged and the mining became vast than ever. It was just a small amount of people at first mining crypto. As time passed the number of people involved in crypto increased so did the mining of crypto. Now there are thousands or millions of people mining cryptocurrencies every day. This has increased the amount of electricity, energy and much more. This has led to many other inconveniences in real life. If crypto still keeps growing at this speed, the mining could actually create some real problems.
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Seeing the demand and the increased mining of cryptocurrencies, this time we are looking at a totally different kind of project. It's called BitMiner Factory.

What is BitMiner Factory

Bitminer factory project is a factory with mining cryptocurrency but in a different way. They will be a project who will mine crypto in an eco-friendly way. They offer to mine cryptocurrency and also make it safe and more convenient for the environment. They will use renewable energy instead of electricity which creates a lot of carbon and other polluting elements. The whole process of current mining is filled with carbon which is very harmful to the environment. What Bitminer factory will do is create an eco-friendly mining ecosystem then mine different crypto. They also aim to reduce the amount of power required to mine around the whole world.
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Crypto mining is undoubtedly going to grow in the future. Along with that, the use of fossil or non-renewable energy too. This will lead to an extreme environment loss. Bitminer Factory is aiming to stop that and offering a more accepting and more eco-friendly solution. They encourage mining and offering their service to other people, to token holders for mining.

Current Crypto Mining and Problems

Crypto has seen a huge jump in the past years. The number of people involved in crypto improved drastically and the mining has started to take a lot of energy than many other things in a country. The amount of energy that's being used for mining is ridiculous and it's still increasing. The mining of crypto is expected to grow by some folds in near future.
Mining in some countries has seen some huge growth. Especially from 2017 to 2018. In some countries, more than 50 TWHs are used per year now only for mining which is a lot of energy. The use of energy is continuously growing per year and is expected to grow much more than 50 TWHs. Some of the high crypto mining countries are Peru, Portugal, Israel.
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The problems what we face from this huge mining, some of the problems are described below

Energy Usage

The amount of energy crypto mining is using is a very large amount and can even be compared with the total use of energy in some countries. The usage is still growing and will grow in the future. This is clearly uncontrollable and unsustainable.


Mining requires a huge amount of energies. So it leads to energy sources. Currently, the most used source for the energies is the fossil or non-renewable sources. They all create a huge amount of carbon and in every way, they are disturbing the environment. In the past years, the usage of this has increased more than 5 folds hence leading to a huge carbon production and environmental pollution.


Just as crypto mining demand is increasing, like that the difficulty of mining is increasing too. Every day the difficulty of mining is increasing little by little. Mining is solving problems. So as the difficulty is increasing, more complex algorithm and machines with more increased power are required. For better compensation, powerful machinery is very much required which leads to even more energy using.

What Bitminer Factory Offers

Bitminer Factory is dreaming of making the blockchain and mining more sustainable. Bitminer Factory has some things to offer which can change the whole crypto mining. They are already operational and has some interesting features. Some of their features are below

Clean Energy

Bitminer Factory's goal always has been to make the cryptocurrency mining more convenient for the environment. Their first step to that is to use clean energy all the way. They will not use fossil or non-renewable energy in any way. Bitminer Factory plans on using Renewable energy as they are far more cleaner and better for the environment. They will be using sources like hydro or solar power by which they will reduce the amount of carbon released drastically.

Reuse of Energy

There are many places on earth with power plant abandoned and been in that state for a while now. All these power plants in some places have often had some energy which was left and not used and is going to waste. Bitminer Factory has gotten the permission to actually use the energies that were left in these plant and they will use them to the fullest to make something good out of them.


Bitminer Factory mining units can be moved from one place to another easily. This way they can utilize different power plants and move their units to the most convenient places from time to time.
Renewable Energy

Bitminer Factory plans on using a lot of their funds on making renewable energy for their factory such as solar/hydroelectric plants. They want to make the fresh as possible. They believe their process can actually save much electricity cost and along with that they also might get the opportunity to sell electricity in the national grid.

Advanced Machinery

Mining crypto requires a lot of computing power. To fight this, this comes to the better machines. Bitminer Factory will be able to provide the machinery and can make mining more efficient than ever

Equipments of Bitminer Factory

The kinds of equipment Bitminer will use in their factory are below

Renewable Energy

One of the biggest tools of Bitminer Factory is the renewable energy. This gives a whole new look as a factory. Not only that, it will reduce cost, possible to sell energy in the national grid, environment-friendly.

Mobile Units

Every equipment such as mining equipment of Bitminer Factory will be movable and flexible. With this power, they will be able to utilize different places on earth and make them use as they want without any problem at all. This can lead to many conveniences for the whole company production itself.


Bitminer Factory aiming to use two kinds of equipment for mining cryptocurrencies.

GPUs are powerful tools for PC video games as well as for mining crypto. They have good power to actually handle crypto mining. Bitminer Factory will use cost-efficient yet powerful GPUs for mining crypto.

ASIC is a very powerful tool for mining cryptocurrency. They are designed for a specific task. Currently, they are the main player for crypto mining all over the world. Bitminer also has planned on using them in mass.

Cooling system and Environment

For mining, it takes a lot of power and so the result is hot GPUs. Bitminer has contracted with a company to provide the cooling services with reliable price and also that consumes a small amount of energy. This is to make sure that the all the airs are fresh, keep any contamination and most importantly work in any condition.

Monitoring and Management

Every operating tool will always be monitored and ensured safety and working properly. Machines will always be accessible thus it will be possible to provide repair and necessary steps whenever needed without any inconveniences.






Token name of Bitminer Factory is BMF. This is built on Ethereum. This token itself will represent the contract between Bitminer and the token holder. This will also be offered in ICO for fundraising.

ICO Details

• Token Symbol: BMF
• Token Protocol: Ethereum
• Total Supply: 100,000,000 BMF
• Token Price: $1
• Soft Cap: $500,000
• Hard Cap: $100,000,000


Bitminer Factory is taking the mining to a whole new level. Eco-friendly yet very effective. Their project can change the mining of cryptocurrency once and for all. It's truly a revolutionary project

Get more information about Bitminer Factory from here

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