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Every day there's a new company or business is starting somewhere in the world. For a company to start up, the advertising and spreading the word about the brand or in simple word marketing have a lot of effects in the future of that company. If the company is lacking proper marketing, it may shut down or have a bad future as there would be not enough acknowledgment among people. Recently the blockchain technology has started to influence the world to a large degree. Many things are changing for blockchain and the popularity is seeing a blast. Just like that, many great and small idea and company are starting up for utilizing the blockchain. Like any other business, this business needs marketing too. As it is blockchain, the popularity is still not world degree and reaching out to many people involved with the blockchain is hard and thus leading to a great idea completely disappearing from the world.

As the marketing terms go, it's still very new and complex for the blockchain companies. This it's about a marketing project called BountyHunters.

What is BountyHunters

BountyHunters is a platform for marketing different brand among other people and lets other people know about the company. BountyHunters is purely based on blockchain and it depends on it for many operations. The platform itself is fully automated and uses the structure "action=reward". This is a platform made purely for increasing awareness of a brand in the market and marketing. This platform is also for managing different bounty campaigns. This platform can increase a brands social platform mentions, specific marketing, PR Channels and online content creating.
BountyHunters is not like any other marketing and influencing platform that currently exists. BountyHunters platform is fully automated. That means it will save a lot of time when managing and increase the efficiency by some folds. BountyHunters can reach to a huge number of people in a short time which is exactly the target of marketing. With already many huge social platforms player already in the system, it increases the reach than any other existing network. BountyHunters platform is not just an idea, it's already an operational platform and capable of generating profit.

Crypto and Marketing

Crypto is still new to many of us in the world but the people who actually understand crypto is increasing day by day. Crypto and blockchain have been influencing the world for a quite a while now and the last year it saw a huge boom in popularity. It saw a massive market change and the value of the market reached more than $200 billion now. Crypto is expected to grow more. In the meantime, the blockchain has changed many things. Many projects are emerging because of the blockchain. This has led to an increasing number of companies and more requirements for quality marketing.

Social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter are very popular for influencing work. It is said that more than 70% of people find new services and product through these social media and more than 50% people actually purchases the product based on online reviews and opinions.
The blockchain is still not all over the world and not everyone is aware of it, it's hard to actually reach out to people who are involved in this. Not only that, all the existing companies and system are expensive, time-consuming and sometimes not so quality services. As for a company to succeed, the value of the marketing has no alternative. Poor and costly marketing is making many projects to fail and not getting enough attention.

Problems in Marketing

Current existing solution to marketing isn't efficient at all. There are inconveniences faced in different places. The problems were in the way of marketing for much time now.


Management of a campaign during a marketing campaign is very important and is essential for a successful campaign. In the traditional way, most time the creator of the campaign doesn't get the chance to manage the campaign to their liking. For this reason, it often leads to unnecessary activities and a waste of time.


There have been many cases of not so quality work when managing an advertising campaign. Bad quality work doesn't reach the audience that was targeted before and leading to a failed campaign.

Communication and Trust

This is one of the most cases when advertising a certain brand. There's not enough communication and trust between the parties. Sometimes a bad decision can lead to funding theft, bad quality work, unessential and inappropriate activities.


The way currently exist for advertising is very very costly considering the quality and services we get in return. Sometimes it requires more workforce and tools behind the task and to actually achieve the target. These all lead to more price and it gets more expensive as progress.

Audience Reach

Audience reach when making a marketing campaign is very important as that is the only thing that drives the marketing. The traditional system often has a small reach of audience and a small amount of influencer. This is can lead to an unsuccessful marketing campaign.
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What BountyHunters is Offering

BountyHunters is offering many things the brand marketing which can be very effective and convenient. Some of them are described below


BountyHunters offers a number of ways to make a marketing campaign success. The publisher of the campaign can easily make a campaign which is related to their brand influencing. The publisher can different campaign for hunters(influencers) to pick up and complete and get rewarded.


BountyHunters offers various kind of campaigns along with the power to manage them how they want. Campaign publisher can create any kind of campaign they want and also delete them whenever they want. BountyHunters gives the complete managing power to the campaign publisher and the power to turn the campaign however they want. In short words, complete managing power.

On BountyHunters platform there are more than 27,000 influencers. It will be possible to monitor their activity, they rating and verification and how they work like using tags and other things. This way the brand can get the influence they are looking for. What's more all this process is fully automated.

Communication and Trust

With BountyHunters when managing a campaign, there's a trust created between two sides. What the publishers are getting in return for their funds is quality work. BountyHunters will also have the option to escrow fund and reduce any kind of risks. This way both sides get the trust.

Compared with traditional way BountyHunters offers a far more cheaper and a better deal. BountyHunters provides quality works and marketing along with a cheap and efficient price.


BountyHunters already have more than 27,000 influencers onboard and increasing. Whenever a campaign is created and tasks such as Facebook Twitter and other are successfully completed, it is very much possible to reach out to a huge crowd and achieve the goal.


The time needed for creating a marketing campaign in the traditional way takes days or weeks for only to start up. When starting a campaign in BountyHunters it will take no more than 2 hours to set up everything and have a connection with one of the biggest influencer crowd.

Why Choose BountyHunters

• BountyHunters offers full Transparency
• Managing campaigns is easier
• Have a huge reach to the audience with thousands of influencers
• Effective cost with high-quality service
• Spread the words about a brand for effective marketing and successful project
• Way less time consuming than the traditional way
• No risk of theft and losing funds
• Always high-quality services
• Everything is automated and accurate and complexity removed

Visions of BountyHunters

BountyHunters vision is to revolutionize the marketing system with their platform. It's possible to market effectively with the required transparency. By completely eliminating many risks that are found in the traditional way, providing the highest possible service is the goal and vision of BountyHunters.

BountyHunters Token

BountyHunters token name will be HNTR. It has the purpose or transaction inside the platform and some other things. There will also be another internal token. The price of HNTR will be $0.5. But it can be changed anytime depending on the situation as they are influenced by many things.

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